3 ways to stay motivated this Christmas (Blogmas Day 5).

It's the final countdown. The last couple of weeks of the year, and the world is feeling the lull. Dragging our feet to the finish line. Sleepless nights and cramming for deadlines. Willing Christmas weekend to be here already. While commercially joyous, December can be a bit of struggle. But do not give up now! Not when you are so close to the end, the final stretch!

  1. Look after yourself. While it may be tempting to push your sleep limits, reach for another mince pie/glass of red/the chocolate advent calendar, your wellbeing is really not worth the risk. You need support? Ask for it. Drink plenty of water. Get a good night's sleep so you don't find yourself reaching for the advent calendar two weeks ahead for an energy boost. Keep yourself well at Christmas so that you don't have to feel guilty in January.
  2. Make time for play. It's called the festive season for a reason. Make time for Christmas drinks and parties. For lounging with your housemates/friends/other halves/family/cats/dogs in front of a couple of Christmas movies. Unlike a robot, you need recreation to recharge and refuel those creative juices. Put it in the diary and enjoy the time out.
  3. Remember why you started. I've mentioned this in a previous post, but that is the whole idea of remembering after all, and sometimes we need a helpful reminder. Keep going you little snow angel, don't give up when you are so close.

Wishing you a fulfilling season!

Han x