How to be a Londoner in Winter (Blogmas Day 4)

Taking to Twitter, I asked what you dear readers was the key to being a Londoner. The most popular answer was "a frosty look/attitude" and to be honest, dear readers, winter really isn't hear until every last Londoner is frostier than usual. Despite the high rise buildings and pollution that keeps London at least five degrees warmer than any other part of the UK, no where is ever quite as wintery in winter as London. So how do the Londoners cope?

  1. Invest in winter wardrobe staples. That is: a long Winter trench coat and functional gloves that let you use your phone while wearing them. We can't have frostbite-looking hands while shaking hands in meetings... My other suggestions are a cute hat or ear muffs and a rain proof bag.
  2. Switch walking at 50mph for 55mph. Wearing extra layers is pointless, and why not work on the calves if you can?
  3. Pre-drink a little before hitting the pubs, clubs and parties. It not only saves you some dollar but will also keep you warm on the journey.
  4. And yes, make like the Ice Queen and get your frost face on. May I suggest a fierce red lipstick to pair with it? It can add sass to your night out, scare slow-walkers out of your way and anyone who dare challenge you while present shopping wish they hadn't. (Ok, yes I got a little carried away with that last one).

Which one will you try first?

Han x