Blogger Meet-Ups: am I veteran?

I have been blogging and using social media for creative purposes for four years now, and for the first time ever: I feel old. Or maybe just a little more in the know?

I was super happy when I got a ticket to the Blogosphere meet-up. I had been to the summer one and was really excited to meet more bloggers and online creatives.

For the first time in a while I was early (!!!) and welcomed on the door by a lovely girl who remembered me - which was in itself an awesome feeling.

What I love about Blogosphere is that I always feel welcome. Like going home. I like it because it has a community feel. The team speak to you and they remember you. 

It is amazing to see something like this grow. From a couple of brands to a handful and many more attendees, I felt like a proud part of the community. I was home.

Ok, so now for the veteran bit. 

Walking through the room I knew to head for the brands before they got busy. I was comfortable introducing myself and what I do - although my USP has changed a bit since I last spoke to people about it. I dropped in potential collab options where I could. In my head I had it down.

I got my make up down and asked if I could have a little extra product put on my eyes - OMG isn't it gorgeous!? Thank you Kat Von D!

I had a wander around, made conversation with random people and tried listening in on the talks - sorry Alice it really could have done with a mic!

(Le Fashion Fetish)

I hit the Live option on my Insta story and gave a couple of followers a five minute tour. 

I was comfortable. Happy. In my element.

And then I got to thinking. Am I veteran now? Or perhaps too comfortable?

It was strange to feel a little out of place in your own world. I get talking to brands,  I am comfortable in what I write and create. Am I not pushing myself anymore?

And when I mean pushing myself I mean creatively, not time-wise.

The moment I got that it was time for me to move forward and get myself out of the way of doing it, was stepping into the Flashpack photobooth and having this photo taken.

All I thought at the time was "ew shiny!" But inside I had this gut feeling that if I was going to go for my goals and dreams, the real ones, then I just needed to make them happen.

Which got me thinking: am I veteran?

I know what I am doing and I have no trouble navigating a room. Which is essentially the definition of a veteran in their field...!

It's great and yet surprising. Time to get off my butt and take it up a level, yes!?

On Sunday I woke up, neglected the snooze button and got straight to it.

It was amazing! I got so much stuff done by simply taking an action. Which turned into more and soon all my admin was done and a plan of attack structured for the week! Result! 

Do you ever have those days when you really don't want to do anything and then all of a sudden you get bored of that and instantly snap out of it? That definitely contributed to it as well. 

You have to be willing to create something for your life, and I most definitely do. (And really you do as well!)

We could hold each other accountable for fulfilling our dreams? Taking action despite external circumstances.

What do you say? Lets go!

Han x