Creating a life I love: my next steps.

Ok, so I have shelter, a 9-5:30pm job and a life. Now what!? Duh, everything! There is absolutely nothing stopping me from creating a life I love, except myself. So what next?

And you can do this with me :)

  1. Define what a whole and complete life looks like to you. It's ok to be selfish here. If it's a fast car you want, a marriage and kids, holidays in Bora Bora or a flat with heating (#LondonLiving): write it down. Choose your top four.
  2. Write down one action you can take a day for each of these goals for them to happen. Bonus challenge: write three small actions you can take for the top goal by the end of the day!
  3. Take action.
  4. Repeat until it is done.

For me, in this present moment, I have a wall planner with actions to work towards:

  1. Moving back to London.
  2. Becoming my own boss.
  3. Becoming a size 10 (UK) - my personal healthy size and where I personally feel fittest.
  4. Creating the relationship of my dreams - sure, I have a heart ;)

A budget plan has been created, I have reached out to multiple companies, cut out alcohol and have signed up to two dating apps (which goes against my instincts but hey, I'm getting in the zone at least).

The life you want is out there, if you are willing to make it happen. Which is the most important ingredient.

What action will you take next?

Han x