What I like about start-up culture.

In the past I've mentioned that working in luxury fashion was the dream. Working in travel was the dream. Etcetera. However what I've come to realise is that there was always another area that I always come back round to. And that is start-ups. Having been around start-up culture since my career essentially took off, it feels humbling and exciting to happen upon working for one again.

I first visited BoxPark Shoreditch in 2014. We were on our way to Lady Dinah's (when entry was a fiver) and we had a bit of time to kill. 

When you come out of Shoreditch tube station BoxPark is right on the corner, and I remember being fascinated by it. Building shops into storage containers was an exciting concept to me and it has remained in my mind ever since.

This is why I love start-up culture:

1. The environment. Quite often you work in a pretty awesome environment. You get to move around, and coffee is always on standby. I'm currently working in Somerset House and we have the choice of Algerian and Torino coffee...

2. The dress code. As long as you don't look scruffy or slutty, you can generally wear whatever you like. It's such a relief to go to work and not feel on edge about having a make-up free day or wearing Converse.

3. The people. I have had such a fear of coming across too bolshy/full of ideas in past roles. But it was awesome to be able to express my ideas and projects in an interview and get a good vibe about it. While I'm not putting these ideas into action in the current role I have been hired for, it is awesome to be able to bounce them off likeminded people. No idea is too big and crazy, because everyone has an an entrepreneurial mind.

And that basically sums it up - for now!

What do you think about start-ups?

Han x