The art of being a nobody.

I was caught in a thought - as we often are - the other day. Sure I want to get somewhere, put my name and my work 'out there'. However, why am I so so focused and desperate to get "there". What if I wake up one morning and I realise I never indulged in 'being a nobody'. What if one day I wake up, and I miss it.

And the relief washed over me.

I really got clear that I want to build a name for myself. I want to reap the rewards of being financially free. I want to follow through on what makes me a stand for this world. But that doesn't mean I can't enjoy all parts of the journey.

I don't have people stopping me for pictures. Screaming my name. Stalking me - I hope. Right now. Right now I'm just figuring my way forward and what I want to take from this journey.

Remembering this thought on the hour long commute home the other night, I couldn't stop smiling to myself. That got me some stares.

Right now, I'm the girl with a secret. Strutting purposefully down the street, with pockets full of ideas unbeknownst to the world. Ready to pull some streamers.

Being nobody means that, to me, right now:

  • I can find my voice, experiment, and people won't judge me too harshly.
  • I can walk down the street and all people look at me for is my weird strut - I walk a bit funny, k - or if I trip - which is not an uncommon occurrence.
  • I can share parts of myself or my ideas with you online, and not worry about someone else spinning something out of it.
  • My journey is just about to begin, and that is exciting!
  • I can walk around and no one quite knows what I am doing.

Anyway, the idea of this post was to say to you, dear reader, have your goals! But remember the 'little nobody' and the 'little nothings' that helped you build it. Enjoy them. Indulge in them. Document them.

They are the little treasures that make up who you are and will become. Show them some love.

I LOVE where I am right now. These little stages will build my life path.

We're all wanting to make something of ourselves and make a difference in whatever shape or form that is or may be. I encourage you to appreciate the being you are in the present while you are building it.

Happy building!

Han x