The rise of the young entrepreneur - Men.

So I’ve been struggling a bit as to what to write with these photos, so I’ve settled on the behind the scenes reasons I wanted to work with Komodo and these clothes. With the rise of the Digital Nomad, and the increasing awareness of sustainable and ethical living, a new age conscious entrepreneur is rising. One with an environmental awareness. One that in travelling and increasing their carbon footprint, will be – or at least ought to be if you ask me – considering the affects they will be having on our natural world.

In searching for ethical clothing brands, I came across Komodo – a local London brand – who I actually got in contact with because they followed me back on Twitter.

Sounds like a vain reason, right? Or at least not the whole story.

Well, it is! It seems to be that ethical brands or brands with morals have a higher percentage of, not only employee engagement but also customer engagement. They instil an excitement for the brand in their employees which in turn translates when they interact with their customers. They have a message and a story to be excited about and it comes across in their interactions with customers – trust me, I have had first-hand experience of this.

London. A beautiful, intriguing and intimidating city. A part of the millennial graduate milestone.

Called the Big Smoke for a reason, it is about time we started thinking not only about what we put in our bodies but also what we put on our bodies and in our environment.

Komodo has been working on clothing made from Hemp, Bamboo and other sustainable materials since the 90s. A concept that is largely talked about but not put into action so much.

The models said they were super happy with the clothing and that they were really comfortable.

For this shoot I asked my two models to pick an outfit they liked best and then I picked the outerwear. I wanted to make sure these photos reflected the personalities of the two guys in them. Because honestly, they could be anyone and anything from these pictures.

From a young businessman/woman to a social media star, twenty-somethings are now making money and running businesses from their electronic devices. There is no correlation between age and success anymore, because it is all around. Sat next to you on a bench or taking selfies in a crowd of tourists – or followers.

Like what you see? All clothes featured in this blog, aside from the scarf and shoes) are available for purchase from Komodo.

Which is your favourite piece?

Han x