Inspiring Leaders - Ziggy Stardust

So far I've picked living influencers, now it's time to turn to the past. Version 2

The late David Bowie turned the pop industry on its head and put it back its toes again. You and I know, dear reader, that he was and is an icon.


He inspired generations to challenge the status quo. To take what society wanted you to be and proved that being yourself is the key to living powerfully.

Version 2

Ziggy Stardust - an alien - catapulted him into fame and got him his recognition. In being his creative Self, all mad colours and theatrical movement. He found his voice.

Version 2

While physically not present on this earth, Bowie continues to inspire many to remember him. Through costume, party themes and other creative gigs.


Even with the change of time, Bowie inspires individual expression and a hero in everyone. From which every generation can take note.

Version 2

We're living in an exciting time when individuality is being strongly encouraged and celebrated.

So how will you express your greatness?

Han x