Feeling Scentered: a little TLC on the go.

This is not a post about taking a bubble bath or giving myself chocolate. fullsizerender

Everyone treats themselves differently. It used to be putting my comfiest socks on, a hot chocolate and snuggling in bed watching TV or reading a new magazine or a few chapters of a book. And while boy does that sound amazing, these meant that I would still have to wait until the end of the day or until I had finished something or until I 'had the time for it'.

But what about the quick fixes, when you just need a bit of a pick me up? And not in the cheeky bar of chocolate kind of way.

Last week I got talking with a couple of lovely ladies at Scentered - get it! - at their Stylist Live stall and I came away completely hooked.

Using aromatherapy, they have several balms with 100% natural oils which you rub into certain points to give you a lift. From stress to focus, the scents are beautiful and just enough to make you feel invigorated but not overbearing that you can't go out in public.

I very nearly went for the stress relief one, but something in my gut was telling me to go for the 'Love' one. I realised I can finally let myself 'slow down' - or my version of it - and give myself a little self-care.

It's a wonderful little product that I carry in my handbag and nab out when I'm feeling a bit wobbly - which I'm feeling a bit more than normal looking for flats at the moment.

It's super interesting as well, as I've shared it with friends and family and they all think of different things when they smell it! It's a Harry Potter Potions class moment!!

For me, the balm reminds me of going to the Winchester Christmas market each year at uni. It has a cinnamon-y undertone to it which reminds me of that time of year. They were one of the few times when I felt completely calm, cosy and joyful. (I'm smiling just writing about it). So smelling this makes me instantly calmer.

But others think of completely different things! It's fascinating!

It's safe to say that although the product smears on my laptop surface, it was definitely worth the £14.50 - and ohhhhh my goodness, the bauble it came in.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could start using more meaningful ways to boost ourselves?

What area of your life are you most in need of a little boost at the moment?

Han x