"My Professional Edge" (My Burberry)


"A new, intense and sensual scent that travels back to a London garden amidst a gathering storm" - description from the website.

I'm going to start straight off with: this perfume is everything I need in a bottle!

Even through my Devils Wear Prada pre-Paris Fashion Week flu, I could smell the deliciousness that was 'My Burberry Black' and knew I had to have it!

Burberry is a fashion house I have been in love with ever since Emma Watson - an inspiring influence since I was a child - featured in their 2009 campaign.


There is something so subtle but powerful and statement-y about wearing My Burberry. It gives the professional edge to my outfits, somehow tying them together.

It was my perfume of choice for Paris Fashion Week AW16 and is my go-to for giving my outfit a subtle boost. It's powerful but not overbearing, and I feel like I can conquer the world when I wear it. Sounds like hyperbole, but I'm not kidding!!

Han Meets World

*In between Paris shows.

The description of the perfume makes me think of where I am at, and while definitely not a storm, I feel like I am building something. So, for me, it fits perfectly.

So I know how I am going to take on this Monday, how will you?

Han x