Han Meets Stylist Live: my review.

I mentioned on the Stylist Live Facebook page that I would review this event properly so voila:

This was one of the best events I have been to! It included exactly the things that I needed and wanted in such an event, and I had my version of a perfect day!


I met some awesome influencers and brands that I can't wait to get started with, and it was one of the times when I really believed in my dream and that I could really make it mean something. Which, from the feedback and comments I got, seemed to translate. Thoughts become things and all that!

From networking to products available, if done right, it was the perfect space for a blogger. So how would it be best for you to work it next year? Here's how:

DO – spend the day at this event – if you have the time and aren’t there for something specific. I had a gut feeling about getting up and just simply going. So I woke up, got on the Northern Line and made my way to Angel. It was great decision! I got booked on to an early appointment to get my hair done with the Dyson hair, saw a bunch of talks I wouldn’t have considered otherwise and checked out a bunch of brands that turned out to be fantastic leads. In other words, I got the absolute most that I coukd with my ticket out of the event.


DON’T – carry your coat around. Its honestly not worth it! Check it in for free before you go into the centre. Oo! And you're given a bag with a map at the entrance so don't worry about bringing your own for leaflets and products!

DO – take advantage of talking to the people on the stands. They know their stuff! Get chatting for a few minutes. Quite often they will also have competitions or giveaways.


DON’T – worry if there is more than one talk or workshop that you want to go to. A lot of the stages were open for people to sit in on or if you arrived 15 minutes before it started you also had a shot.


DO – bring your own water – and I would probably bring my own lunch next year as the lunch stuff on offer wasn’t particularly inspiring… I bought my water from Boots on the walk up.

DON’T – worry about asking questions. Your blog is a part of you and it needs to represent that. When a brand would talk to me I would look for whether it was all natural products (or cruelty-free), whether it had character as a brand and the attitude of the stall sellers. If any one of these was out then I didn't stay interested for long. It's very easy to say yes to samples, collaborations and signing up to discounted or free stuff or exposure, but remember your blog morals. If it doesn't fit and therefore you come across as a sell out, then you're going to loose readers and credibility.

DO - document your day on social media - and interact with other people! It's like going to a conference or meet-up, you make some meaningful connections with potential leads through Twitter and Instagram. I took Instagram stories and live-tweeted all day and I got some awesome interactions including a retweet from YouTuber Tanya Burr! (Which then meant I couldn't use the app for about an hour as her followers went nuts liking and retweeting the post). But I got 10 new followers from it, plus a couple of brands so it works!  And it's some more exposure for you!

DON'T - worry about being close to the front for the catwalk. I mentioned this in my Fashion Week blog, but unless you have a VIP ticket or are working, being close to the front really isn't worth it!! Everyone whips their phones out and your view is blocked. Get there early or stand at the back so you don't end up seeing it through someone else' screen. *The catwalk itself was incredible! So captivating and wearable. I loved it! There was nothing aloof about it and I want to buy aaaaalllllll of the pieces!

I think the only thing I would do differently for next year would be to bring someone along to enjoy it with me/swap opinions, and also my laptop - I can't believe there were laptop stations!! Oh, and I would be presenting... ;) Let's see what we can do in a year...

It had something for every type of person, so whether you were working for your brand, a blogger, interested in health, beauty, fashion or crafts, there was a way for everyone to work the scene!

What is your number one absolute must when you network?

Han x