In standing for others, I found myself.

Last Friday marked the end of an era and the beginning of a mission. Last Friday, three musicians, a social enterprise, an ethical fashion blogger and myself as well as some other Friday chillaxers convened at Mettrick's Guildhall, Southampton.

We gathered for three reasons: 1. Community 2. Empowerment 3. Sustainability

But I'm getting ahead of myself.


In July 2016, I began another journey with Landmark Worldwide: my Self-Expression and Leadership programme. The fourth in a series of courses I have been completing since February this year. Each one bringing new insight into how I ran my past and in turn teaching me to transform my future.

What began as a project as part of my completion agreement however, turned into taking a stand for exactly the three things mentioned above: community, empowerment and sustainability.

The wonderful thing was that in pushing my boundaries to complete my event - getting everyone I could think of invited and involved, even if none of them turned up - I began pushing my boundaries in my own life.

Moving to London within a week of making the choice was just one of the many incredible opportunities I have taken up and been involved in since the beginning of the summer.

Once again, I don't recognise myself. I remember feeling so petrified of what was to come. And now here I am with only choices.

I discovered my key to success was creating possibilities for others alongside my own. In being out in the world of opportunity for others I was creating success in myself.

Which is why in the lead up to last Friday, 'my' project became about facilitating a night of connection and community for others. In empowering others in what they do, I found empowerment in myself.

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The musicians played incredibly! Beautiful voices that filled up the well-structured venue for such an occasion.


Not many people turned up, but all I could think was: "but look at what you're missing out on! These wonderful young people with such passion!"

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My heart was in it for the community, never mind what I looked like in that moment.

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When I realised there weren't going to be many people in attendance, my mind began racing for solutions. Ask my group what to do. Send posts out on Facebook, Twitter and my Instagram story - on a side note: Instagram WTF!?

My group replies back: "go out on to the street and talk to people".

I grab some leaflets and march out. There's a total of two people... Bugger!

I talk to people outside and upstairs and tell them who are playing, create interest.

All in all, everyone was happy they came but I was disappointed I couldn't get more people in to seem them.

A night club had even offered to give me a code for free entry to all my guests afterwards!

So my next plan was:

  • Write a blog update
  • Send out a press release
  • Tell people I know organising similar gigs about them

I've checked off all of the above off.

And what about sustainability?

A massive shout out and thank you to blogger Emma Waight and Tammy from Global Seesaw for attending Friday!

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If you're looking to support anybody or anyone: it's these ladies and Global Seesaw! Two passionate individuals who care deeply about making this world a greater place! If you're looking for some voluntary blogging experience or to collaborate, I would highly recommend getting in touch!

If you're looking for accessories and clothing that benefit human lives and the environment, I suggest you look no further than Global Seesaw. A wonderful social enterprise that gives new life to women in India forced into trafficking by giving them work teaching them to sew and create these products from upcycled material.

It is a truly beautiful cause and it's based in an office near you! If you want to host them at all, then they would love to hear from you!

Thank you to Mettrick's Guildhall for hosting us as well! All it took was one of their jam sessions for me to be inspired to host an event there! A wonderful local family business!

And that is how I stood for my three reasons. The idea is that you keep the project going, however I no longer live in Southampton. So it's back to the drawing board.

But you can be sure those three reasons will be at the source!

Before I sign off, be sure to check out Aaron's EP 'I Dont Know Enough About Politics To Be A Singer Songwriter' released this week. It's awesome!


What have you done for your community lately? How did it make you feel?

Han x

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