Not giving in!

I would say that means summer is over, but the English weather has other ideas! For one thing it's the end of September (gulp) and I am sat on the balcony with hoodie sleeves rolled up, bare foot and squinting in the Autumn sun.

Ahhh I am so excited for Autumn and Winter living in London! Sure the tube will be a pain in the arse, but park walks and wrapping up all fancy in new clothes - when the next salary comes in.


Before this hits though, I want to just pay homage to my summer internship which finished yesterday.

It's crazy to believe that I can close that chapter now, on Southampton and university for good.

This placement was created for me as part of my Sabb (previous position) agreement and I could have stayed on a bit longer, but five years based in one place seems waaaay more than enough. Time for a new adventure.

The internship has been a dream! It provided me with work and flexibility so that I could explore other avenues for when I finished.

Not many other jobs would have let you work from wherever and trust you to get on with it. I find it hard to believe that I nearly passed up this opportunity and I do wonder how my life would have looked if I had moved away straightaway...

This summer has been a base for my learning about entrepreneurship in more depth, discovering what is up to date and helping me in moving forward with my ideas. And in turn I have been able to offer something towards their research.

There's not much else to say other than I recommend you take up as many opportunities as you can.

I was told this week by a recruiter that my CV makes me look older than I am because of the amount of things I have done. I am so happy that as a sixteen year old, I realised the importance of extracurricular activities for my CV and I followed that through for nearly eight years.

I have learned so much so quickly, been introduced to so many more people through it and created so many possibilities from it.

Sure I've been sad I haven't been on a night out or gone to the pub, every so often, like your typical twenty-something.

But it is the results and the work I was doing instead that I will remember.

Your dream life comes with sweat and effort, but the results are that much more magical.

Some of my peers used to make digs that 'people knew me' or I was 'in there' with lecturers or high up people. I am telling you now: laugh it off. And keep going. Life is that much sweeter on the other side. Knowing you can do anything you put your mind to, and the contacts you create that much larger.


Without challenge, there's no adventure.

Anyone who knows me knows that this is my favourite quote and if I had a life motto: this would be it.

And that is what I want to pass to you. Your goal is there for you to take, but you have to do something a little differently from other people: keep going.

The mind is a crazy thing. But it's the thing that keeps us back most.

I have had the voices of different people I used to know and exes manifesting as the voice of doom in my head. Telling me I'm stupid for sticking my neck out, again. Telling me I can't do it. Telling me I'm not good enough and that I am a show off.

But d'you know what, once you realise it's solely you. You push yourself out of the way and you keep going. (And if you're me you might laugh in the middle of the street by yourself between the first and last stage just mentioned. I did it this morning on the way to the bakery).

I want to live with no regrets: so I am doing everything I can and filling it with everything I can. What will you do?

I've been told that I don't have one particular thing that 'I do'. I haven't got 'one thing' or skill that people know me for. *I'm smiling at this*

You're right: I am not a photographer, a scientist, a linguist, a blogger, you fill the gap with something that is typical. One trait. One identity that everyone knows how to box you in.

Do you want to know what my trait is?

I am known for keeping you on your toes. Not quite knowing what I am going to do next. I do enough for you to know I blog, I speak languages, I advocate, I organise and I travel. But not quite enough that you might never see me get involved in other things.



I keep moving. Sure I hit walls and have panics and mental blocks. But the difference is I pick up and keep going. I am not more than anyone. I was not born with a certain gene. I don't have a spare stash of confidence in my gut.


I keep going.

I take opportunities.

I create possibilities.

And that is what I want to pass on to you, dear reader.

Thank you for sticking with me.


What do you do to motivate yourself? 

Han x

*First day outfit


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