Frowback Thursday: Inspiring Designers

Processed with Snapseed. During London Fashion Week, I had the privilege of being invited to Oxford Fashion Studio's runway shows.


Set in Devonshire Square and the Gherkin in the background: it was the perfect setting.

The magical thing about being invited as Press was that I got to speak to designers and their teams. 

Yes, the fabric and clothing are exquisite and beautiful. But the story and the thought behind the embroidery are enchanting!

For me - and many others I am sure - fashion is art. It is to be admired. And there is something so special and wonderful in meeting the creative mind behind them.

When you meet designers who are so empowered by their work and their vision, you feel in awe of them. Connected, and somehow that much more drawn in by their line.

There were some beautiful lines, but of all the ones showcased, I felt the most attachment to the ones with similar attitude to my own.

Granted, there were some beautiful clothes. Yet out of the ten designers showcased, there were two who stood out and I have continued to watch since.

Speaking to Vjera Vilicnik before the first show, she summed up her vision as "wearable romance", a quote that really struck a chord with me. The beautiful thing about this line was in the detail and the modesty. Vjera demonstrates a care in what she does by emphasising the importance of tailoring for her customer.

Speaking of the craftsmanship of her clothing, you are almost transported away from the over hungry world of today and reminded of what art and love of a craft can still be at the heart. Particularly as the object of her line is to be timeless.

I couldn't take my eyes away from one jacket with the most intricate, beautiful detailing the sleeve. Sewn by hand, Vjera's whole line rocked the runway and my friend and I were left with massive smiles on our faces.

With subtle, playful hems and an enticing twist on fabric movement, of many of the lines presented, it was in fact one of the most relatable lines. Unique, colourful and personable. It told a story.

The second show went off with a bang, opening with April Banbury's AW line.

Processed with Snapseed.

I had been eyeing her dresses before show one, but I was that much more excited by it when she gave a little introduction beforehand about her work with the Prince's Trust.

As if plucked from a fairy tale, the lacing and detailing on her collection were mesmerising. It definitely helped that it got darker by the second show, emphasising the glittering embroidery with each movement of the dresses.

They were the sort of princess-like dresses I would have definitely have loved to have dressed up in as a child. Or just 'have there' hanging off my wardrobe door for me to gaze at every so often. Heck if she is still making these beauties if I decide marriage is for me then I'll be straight back!

You can tell that the models felt confident and beautiful in the garments. A feat that seems kind of impossible in fashion nowadays. Somehow this extra touch also added to the charm and wonderment of the show.


Making my notes was very interesting because overall the majority of the lines demonstrated power and statement to me. A very wonderful and interesting theme to produce.

It certainly goes with the attitude of the entrepreneurial mind. And you even got that sense that much more by watching the models. If they appeared strong and empowered, it most definitely resonated and turned heads in the front row.

Speaking of front row, as a classic hungry for more millennial, like vultures we pounced on the first Frow seats we were offered. And apart from the guy next to me who decided he was going to basically sit on top of me - back off buddy! -  it was an awesome experience. Really being able to get up close to the clothes. To really examine the fabric and how it worked.

For a very small blogger at her first catwalk as Press, it was like a dream, and empowering for me. So thank you Oxford Fashion Studio!!

A massive well done to the designers, models and backstage runway team as well!

It was truly an incredible experience, and I am so sad I missed the after-party at SushiSamba.

And photos to follow soon!

What makes a creator so inspiring to you?

Han x