A Busy Women's Guide To TV (Winter 2017)


If you're like me, you most likely will fit as much as you can into your day. You have big dreams, you want to take advantage of as many opportunities as possible and live life to the fullest. But often, this can come at a price in the form of burn out, stress and overwhelm. While I love being creative, reading a book and doing exercise, there's still something so satisfying about being able to curl up in front of a decent TV show. But of course, within the 24 hours we get in a day, how do you filter the good stuff? A good mix of relaxing but also feel good and motivating. Fear not, busy lady, allow me to present you with my top three TV recommendations of 2017 with some bad-ass female leads, of course. Remove the high heels, ping the bra off and put the onesie and comfy socks on. Make a hot cuppa (a decaff green tea is soothing) and turn your silver screen on (the Oled 4K TV Panasonic is on my Christmas wish list this year).

  1. Big Little Lies: three strong female lead characters, an intricate plot and some seriously incredible story-telling that starts with the end. (Yes, you read that right). Only a few episodes long, so it cannot take too much time away from the to-do list. The story is told so well you cannot help but get sucked into it. Perfect to switch off for a little bit.
  2. Stranger Things: "Mike!" Again, only a few episodes long, but some fantastic story-telling and suspense make for a great mental getaway. Some seriously talented actors and some even more bad-ass female characters. It took me a couple of sittings again, because time. But I was hooked and had to remind myself not to press play on the next episode at midnight on a Tuesday.
  3. Supergirl: in terms of episodes it's a little longer than the previously mentioned shows. But it makes for some light watching, which allows you to pick up from where you left off pretty easily. I wasn't expecting much from the series, but it's great just to watch a woman lift the heavy things with no effort and take centre stage in a superhero series. Some easy watching, but motivational nonetheless.

Being busy though (eh! eh!), I might have missed a good one though, so let me know your thoughts. Which is your favourite?

Han x