3 ways to inspire yourself in the tough moments.


Let's be honest, we have all been there at some point. That one day/hour/week where you think "what is the point? I can't do it." An idea was rejected. A team member backed out. You received some negative feedback. You couldn't understand. You got out of the wrong side of the bed that morning. Sometimes, all it takes is one tough day to bring down everything.

I have been there more times than I can remember. And it pains me to think where I could be if only I had persevered on those days. But this is not one of those "if only" posts, I am merely trying to make a point.

Here are three things I have learned to take on during the pessimistic days.

  1. Talk to someone. One of the biggest things I regret saying to people is that I was scared and needed help. Need to get something off your chest? Ask your housemate, your partner, a family member to sit down with you over coffee for ten minutes. Call up your best friend and bawl your eyes out! That's part of the friend contract that you can do that. I'm only half-joking... It helps to verbalise your worries so that - majority of the time - you realise you were just in your head and overthinking something. Then you take a deep breathe and keep going.
  2. Pick up a book. When I am stuck it's normally because I can't see the next step forward. So either I find a motivational book to read or I search for the information I need. My book of the moment is "She Means Business" by Carrie Green (which is 99p from the Kindle Store at the moment (not sponsored I swear!). For example, when I was looking for some inspiration to move on to year two of HMW, I looked at blog PDF's and videos for SEO and other tips to up my game. I live by "successful leaders are always learning".
  3. Remember why you started. This is the most important of all! If you had no aim, goal or reason for starting, then why have you started? You need a 'why' to pick you up in the tough times. To remind you to get out of bed when it's the last thing you want to do that day. My 'why' you ask? Is to inspire others to live their dreams.

You would not believe how many times these three things have motivated me. I personally keep my brain busy in times of overwhelm. Not because I want to tire myself out, but if my little negative voice can't be heard then it has no power.

"Whatever the mind of (wo)man can conceive, (s)he can achieve" Napolean Hill

All of the buildings, clothing and technology around you did not become a reality until a human being said so and went for it. So go for it! And be excited for the falls. If you're a nerd like me, you'll be excited to have an excuse to pick up another book.

What are the ways you get yourself through the tough times?

Han x