My London Fashion Week Wishlist


  How is it September again already!? It feels like yesterday I was dodging mad fashion interns with their clothes racks outside Somerset House in the cool February air.

What I love about Fashion Week is the spectacle of it. The shows themselves are beautiful. But it's the story behind the lines that fascinate me. And the way attendees of the shows carry and dress themselves. The fashion world is like a beautiful rabbit hole you wouldn't ever want to leave. Like a dazzling world of fabrics and labels and wonder.

Unfortunately I will not be doing anything too spectacular this season due to work reasons. Trust me, I'm hurting. A LOT.

But a girl can dream right? And as such, if I were to be attending any London shows this year, this would be my dream wardrobe.

Coat - Burberry


Shirt - Missguided from Love The Sales


Trousers - Stella McCartney


Clutch bag - Balenciaga from Love The Sales


Shoes - Dune


My shows of choice would most definitely be Chanel and Burberry. They always have a story to tell and a performance to give.

What would be your dream LFW outfit?

Han x