Who is the modern day Barbie?


Raise your hand if you grew up with Barbies. Ok, so I'm guessing the majority of you would have probably raised your hand. Whether you dressed them up and kept them pretty or you tore the heads off, cut their hair short and used them as Christmas tree ornaments (which from what I've read over the years seems to be more common than we think...). Personally I loved to keep mine pretty, dress them in long dresses and they would play heroes. Then as I got a little older I tried styling their hair and getting a little more creative. I think we (my sister and I) put tattoos on one of them with black felt tip pen too - which later smudged.

Photographer: @ohitssare

As a brand, Barbie has evolved quite a bit with the release of the "curvy" (read "normal") proportioned doll range being released alongside many other positive actions.

So what does the modern day Barbie look like?

She is strong, courageous and a multitasker. She looks good in whatever she wears as long as she is comfortable. She is smart and conscious.

She can wear a pretty skirt and still kick butt. She can enjoy pretty skirts and want to get her hands dirty.

It doesn't matter what size she is, providing she is happy in herself and her life.

She can love a Ken or a Christie. She can love more than one Ken or Christie. Heck she might go after an Action Man or Beanie Baby - I feel like I'm showing my age with that last one...

Barbie is in control of her life and she can do whatever she wants with it. But stay true to herself!

The modern day Barbie lives her dream life however that looks like. It's hers, and she can swap her roles however she likes.

I know I love to wear pretty dresses, but I wear them my way. I know I multitask on a daily basis, but I choose my schedule and my outcomes. I know I would like to have a family of my own one day, but I won't go back to my first love to create it.

The modern day Barbie is her own role model for her own community.

Now you may not want to think of yourself as on par with Barbie. So let me ask you more generally, how are you a role model to your community through being exactly who you are? (Because trust me, you are).

Han x

  • T-shirt: Missguided Barbie range (size 10 - it's baggy, watch out!)
  • Skirt: ASOS.
  • Cullottes: Primark.
  • Shoes: Lucy Choi.
  • Make Up & Hair: styled by Broadway Studios.