Liebster Award

So a couple of weeks ago I was nominated by the lovely blogger and fellow Coconut Queen, Chelsea Hodges for the Liebster Award! What I like about this tag is that it encourages connection with bloggers that I would not have known about otherwise and across oceans.

It's a chance for you, dear readers, to get to know me a little better and also for other bloggers to connect.

Thank you Chelsea for nominating me and apologies for the tardiness!! Here goes:

Post 11 Facts About Yourself:

  1. I live in London.
  2. I have lived outside of the UK twice.
  3. I speak four other languages at varying degrees of fluency.
  4. I am a Sagittarius.
  5. I have practiced different types of dance for as long as I can remember. From ballet to samba.
  6. I am left-handed.
  7. I LOVE Mexican food.
  8. I am a wine snob - South American reds for the win!
  9. I always buy a copy of Vogue when I go abroad.
  10. The only other country I have travelled to where English was also the first language, is Scotland. Travelled mostly to Spanish speaking countries...
  11. I have been doing self-development since February 2016.

Answer the 11 Questions Your Nominator Asked:

  1. What made you start blogging? I have always loved writing but I started an actual blog to document my Year Abroad (a compulsory year for a languages degree) in Brazil.
  2. What is your favourite part of blogging? Seeing my ideas come to life and the online creative community.
  3. What's your favourite food? Enchiladas!!
  4. What is your dream job? Business owner and writer (realistic); actress (pipe dream).
  5. What was your favourite subject at school? English.
  6. What is your biggest fear? What comes with success.
  7. Morning bird or night owl? Morning bird! I cannot sleep past 7am!
  8. What's your least favourite part of blogging? Bots 🙄
  9. What post are you most proud of? Probably when I wrote about my self-development journey last summer.
  10. Do you have any tips for a beginning blogger? Oh I have many tips, but the most common thing I hear is that people want their first post to be perfect. It won't be! So my advice is: just start!
  11. What's your favourite social media to promote your blog on? Twitter for sure. The support on there is a-mazing!

Nominate 11 Other Bloggers

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  6. Alys George
  7. Smart World Citizen
  8. Charlotte Phillips
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  10. John Sennett
  11. Nusha Blog

Ask Them 11 Questions:

  1. What inspired you to begin blogging?
  2. What motivates you to keep blogging?
  3. Who was the first blogger you followed?
  4. What is your blogging message?
  5. What is your favourite app?
  6. Do you plan to blog full time?
  7. What is one blogger cliché that bugs you?
  8. What is one piece of advice you wish you had been given when you started blogging?
  9. If you were an app, which one would you be?
  10. Which camera do you prefer to use for your online work?
  11. Did you have any misconceptions of blogging before you started?

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Want to join in? Pick a question and tweet/comment your answer!

Han x