Feminism meets Girl Boss

So I want to start off by admitting that I am both uncertain and slightly nervous about writing this post. I actually had the post ready to go at the end of my train journey this morning. But it was just too heavy and kept sliding down a defensive path. Which is not what I or this blog is about. (She says defensively). Han Meets World is about exploring different avenues and creating an open and respectful space for others to live a life they love and are empowered by. So I request you create this with me when you read this blog <3

"Feminist: the person who believes in the political, social and economic equality of the sexes." 

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie did an interview with Stylist Magazine last week, and this is what gave me the nudge to write this. That, and I asked someone to lucky dip a blog idea for today.


To be quite honest with you, I don't like it when people tell me I "need" feminism. The truth is, on paper I am a feminist and if you ask me I will tell you I am a feminist. Heck I want to buy the Prada t-shirt from SS17.

But I don't "need" it. I don't "need" to be told I "need" anything. To me, I am blessed with the wonderful world of choices. And what I choose is empowerment in my life. I choose to have it as a human being and I choose to encourage it in other human beings. Empowerment is the word that rings strongest for me and the choices I make.

What Adichie touches base on in her interview is about encouraging people to have fun with feminism and their beliefs. Her family is divided in their opinions, but what would make her happy is simply to encourage people to open up for at least a conversation about it.

And that is how I have wanted to bring feminism to the table. I don't know how I have never got hold of Adichie's literature before!?

Adichie mentions that now she has made a name for herself in this area, she gets invited to loads of feminism-related events, and she's not pleased about it. It makes it more serious than necessary. Which I breathed a sigh of relief at. It was such a refreshing read to know that a big name like that could have a very open and realistic mindset.

As human beings we all have different priorities, and feminism is in fact a part of a lot of people's agendas in one shape or another if we allow it to be brought to the table. If we allow different people's experiences and interpretations to be voiced. And sadly no, they won't always fit.

What is so fascinating to me however is that in the discussions I do have, no matter how windy criss-cross the path, most people will always end back at equality for all. Not always, but 9 times out of 10. So why do we get caught up on how everyone gets there?!

As an aspiring entrepreneur of 2017 - yep I went there - I choose to create equality where I go, do business with those interested in equality and stand alongside those who believe in equality. I don't necessarily shout about feminism, but I subconsciously explore the realms of it and like all humans will find the bits that work for me and the direction I want to take with my life and work. In my life, it appears as creating the space for people to flourish in their authentic selves and go for the goals they really want.

Feminism is one of the wonderful expressions in which you can really get to understanding what matters to a person, so why not encourage that conversation? And listen? How do they use it proactively in their lives to make a difference? 

I encourage you, dear reader, to enjoy it!

Han x