Taking time out when you work from home at Christmas.

December tends to be a season when we overindulge in the name of 'festive spirit'. But then January rolls around and we're depressed about getting on the treadmill to shed the 'Christmas layer'. Every year. Why do we do this to ourselves?

So instead of the brief relief of drunkeness and mince pie eating, I have devised a couple of ways that help me detach without the sugar high.

A Christmassy bath bomb, some scented candles and a book in a bath.


I don't actually remember the last time I used a bath bomb but as part of my coaching I am taking some actions that I wouldn't normally take. For me this includes taking some proper time out to treat myself.

I went into Lush and found the usual blogger suspects like the Magic Wand but it was the Pud bomb that really did it. I recommend buying the ones that you're attracted to most at the time.

For me it was this one because of it's relaxation properties. It smelt like a warm hot drink with a hint of lavender.

It miiiiiight have been the Benzoin in the bath bomb, but I completely switched off and felt SO calm afterwards. Granted it took me a good ten minutes to stop finding excuses.

I highly recommend the Kate Spade "Rise To The Occasion" candle.


Take a walk.

Again, seems simple and cliche, but when was the last time you took an actual walk around your neighbourhood or town?

Took off the headphones, switched off your phone and simply wandered.

I LOVE London in Autumn and Winter for the colours and the crisp air.



I have found that working from home makes it twice as hard to actually switch off. Having the TV available and having the sound up as loud as you like, it makes it more difficult to take a break. So these small actions make for some brief relief.


What was the last relaxing thing you did for your Self?

Han x