Ain't nobody got time for resolutions!

I've always been a gal with a plan. Go to uni, get a great job, settle down and have a family. Everything would fall into place.

What actually happened was I didn't like studying, had a quarter-life crisis at 23 and have been taking a long look at myself since.

That was 2016. The year of self-observation and self-development.

Dramatics over, the truth is I have had no plan for a while and that scares me. It challenges the survival mode I have been in for 24 years.

Have you ever thought about what it is you really want to do with your one gorgeous life?

However to start getting it, I  moved myself into a space of ease. Ease in myself. Ease in my present circumstances. Opening up to vulnerability and trusting in life. Trust that it would show itself.

Two weeks later, it is starting to appear. The ideas.

  1. I continue to grow my blog and my online presence.
  2. I will establish myself as a writer officially - how, I cannot tell you at the moment. But I am already taking the necessary action...!
  3. Work abroad a couple of months.. Where? I am not quite sure just yet.
  4. I will speak at a couple of events. I am committed to my cause for others fulfilling on a life they love.
  5. I will be launching #InspiredBy - more details to come soon.
  6. I will update you as I go along. The breakthroughs, the breakdowns, the adventures.

Truth is, I don't have an exact image of what my life looks like, but who really does? I want to leave a little room for spontaneity.

My promise to you is that I will continue to be here, documenting my every move.

And the reason I'm sharing these now, is because I am working on them already. It's all very easy to make resolutions, but will we stick to them? It's like trying to start a diet or new regime on a Monday. Stop putting them off and just do it.

In writing this blog I hope you will take on being at ease and allow yourself some quiet to create your ideas, and also that I will be accountable for doing something by writing about it.

2016 was quite the clear out year, and now: 2017 awaits. And I sure want to make it one to remember!

Have you thought about what you want to achieve in 2017 yet?

Han x

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