Southampton Summer Style

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Three weeks into my summer internship and it feels like it's been much longer - in a good way! There has been so much going on.

While a lot of people have been taking advantage of the good weather to play Pokemon Go, I've been taking advantage of going outside and catching up on sleep where I can, haha!

My natural style is to go half tight fit, half loose fit on whichever part of my body I'm feeling like that day ie. crop top with maxi skirt or floaty top with denim shorts - you get the idea.

Having had my hair ombréd a month ago, I've really been into lighter colours. Or adding a bright colour to a more monochrome outfit. Yellow is my current obsession! Nails and bags.

It's my last summer in Southampton - after four full years of living here and five of it being my base - so I'm really trying to get present to it and spend as much time as I can in the city itself.

I spent most of the last year trying to get away from it and then the last couple of years moaning that there's not much to it - even though I loved it as a student. Yet it has been a great learning space for me to grow and develop. I no longer identify with the nervous, quiet 18 year old I arrived here as, and I have this city - and the uni obvs - to thank for it. It  has given me SO many opportunities, and I want to leave here feeling complete in September.

I've grown up being able to detach myself very easily from places and people, but it's so isolating! I do care. I want to leave somewhere fondly and peacefully for once in my life.

So! When I go somewhere, I like to make an effort. I go somewhere that makes my heart sing, and I fully get present to being in that space. Where clothes I want to where for myself. Every time I've caught myself feeling pissy about something, I confront it.

I'm bored of making myself feel crappy for my life choices. All we have is one life so I'm going for it! With my day to day life as well as my style choices.

I am no longer afraid to be who I am and go for it with clothing choices. Clothes are fun for all ages!! And I'm loving it :D

What's your favourite summer item?

Han x