Stepping into character

Isn't it wonderful how slipping into the right clothes, or the right shoes makes you feel a certain way? You can be anyone! Play any character. It's all in the material - and of course your mindset. For the few days I spent in London last week I did just that. I picked a couple of particular outfits and I went about my day as a Londoner. Graduate, entrepreneur, digital nomad.

Then the weekend rolled around. We attended the Royal Academy Summer Show and I was compelled to throw myself into character of Posh London Dweller & Art Appreciator.


Top, dress & boots: New Look.

Sunglasses: Primark.

Nail polish: Rimmel 

So not quite the brands you'd expect from said characters. But as I and a random person I spoke to on the train yesterday were saying: it's all about carrying a few words - or in this case items of clothing - with confidence.

Wandering round the galleries I was owning my space, really getting present to how I wanted to be seen and I had a wonderful time because of it. I allowed myself to own my space and in so doing I now have a really good grasp on what I want in the future. I was unafraid in exploring my options.

In pretending to have money to spend in Prada and Tiffany's as well as sitting for a few minutes in the Ralph Lauren sofa area pretending to have a flute of champagne in my hand, I fell deeper into the rabbit hole. Got even more in touch with the life I wanted to lead. I was hooked.


It was also wonderful spending time with people who also love colour and who own it. I love people who just own who they are.


How do you express who you are? What character/s do you like to step into being?

I want to close this post with the pic of me in Shibby's hat (one of many) because donning it made me feel like a Dona (owner). I love clothes!

Han x