Mystical Occurrences: Active vs. Passive Action.

So the other weekend I went to the Mind, Body & Spirit Wellbeing Festival in Olympia, London with Mumma T.

Now, I used to be super into Tarot Readings and astrology but having done the Landmark Forum I now see it as meaningless. I have now trained in that if I want something: I go get it. I don't wait for it to come to me, which is essentially what I did with astrology. Active over passive action.

I think the two of us felt the same way, as we didn't really stop at many of the readings stalls at all. For me, I had my sights set on all the food and yoga stalls...

But then Mumma T said she felt the urge to have a reading done with one of the pro psychics in the centre of the room. There were around twenty or so of them at different tables. Originally my plan was to sit with my book (Gloria Steinem's My Life On The Road) and drink a smoothie - sooooo much açaí! 
However something was telling me to go for it, just for a bit of fun. We'd come "all this way". So I picked, paid and sat down with no expectations.

She read me almost instantly.

It was scary.

So my reason for bringing this up is because I'm really beginning to see the changes in me since I did the Landmark Forum. I've been worrying so much about friends, work, relationships, my health! When after a scroll back through some Facebook pictures last night, I realised I was doing pretty great.
Sure, I am feeling the pressure in the lead up to the end of my current job, yet at least I know where my mind is at. My emotional and physical triggers. I am much more free with life than six months ago. I feel waaaaaaay more comfortable in myself than I did six months ago and excited for myself. For the first time ever I actually want to give myself the best I can in life! I am excited for myself to be free of doing something I don't want to and doing something I'll enjoy for a few months - and hopefully longer after that.
While it's hard to shake it off every time - and I do doubt myself on occasion - I see people's stories for what they are: stories. One person's story no longer chips away at my truth. And it feels so relieving to realise that I realise that.

At the weekend, October felt like a massive black hole of unknown. For the first time in my life, I had no leads and no plan for what I wanted to do with myself. Well, it's still a massive whole of unknown but at least my approach is with faith, trust and excitement in my life adventure.

In the reading, she asked me what questions I had. I had none that really came to mind, so I asked what the block in my mind was and a generally what my future looked like for me.
  • She picked out a guy I'd been seeing straightaway and told me it was completed.
  • She said I was in a job that didn't give me too much financial or emotional fulfilment.
  • Then told me my future was looking brighter.

Apparently my job and financial situation is going to get better in July (when I begin my next position), my 'romantic relations' will improve by the middle to the end of June (she did tell me more, but I don't want to add it here) and my life will generally take a turn for the better in the next six weeks.

She then gave me some Louise Hay affirmations to read out, and they have been useful actually.

Anyway, we shall see what happens! Have an awesome day and thanks for reading!

Live, Love, Laugh!
Hannah x