My 5 Desk Essentials: January Exam Period

Now I'm lucky - depending on how you look at it - this semester because I have no exams. I've never been a massive fan of exams, the silence makes me anxious and in a degree, it's pure luck on the questions you get. I do - or did - however have four assignments, one that I'm in the process of finishing. One translation, one presentation and two essays.
This means that I have been in the main university library every day for about two weeks solid. I normally arrive just after 8am and leave between 7 and 9pm.
These are my essentials that I couldn't work without:

1. Headphones.
Personally I listen to my iPod on the journey to and from my house but then I switch to the radio when I get to the library. It's one sound instead of the library rumble and it's a nice switch up of music. I actually keep most up to date with current affairs during exam period... I like ear plugs because that way I can be as scruffy as I want with my hair, no one cares about ear plugs so you can leave them on the desk and if it's raining, you don't have to worry about cramming massive headphones under your coat.

2. Hand cream.
I have sensitive skin so I use the Body Shop Almond Hands and Nail Cream. It's natural, it smells great and my skin loves it. 

3. Pens & paper.
Sounds like an obvious one, but I ran out of paper after my first assignment and my pen ran out after the third. Just as a tip: keep all those free pens! I've got so many, but for times like this it's ideal! 

4. Fruit.
While chocolate, crisps and energy drinks are the go-to during these periods, they really don't do anything for your health. They give you a momentary rush, an even bigger crash, they cost a lot and they don't do anything positive for your body. My uni gave out free bananas for a week during certain hours of the day in the library, but we also have a student fruit market. Get yourself down to yours! Trust me, it feels way better to reach for an apple or banana on your desk rather than a Cadbury's bar.

5. Water bottle.
Being cooped up in a central heating, tiredness, caffeine-fuelled, stress cocktail means real hydration is a real deal! Remember to look after yourself!! At the end of the day, you're human and not a robot. 

Best of luck with your exams and assignments!!
Lots of love from the Library Hermit. xxx
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