Peru Expedition 2009 Part One: Arrival in Lima

Next in the series! The Peru trip just after my GCSEs!! I'm so so happy I kept a diary for this because there are some hilarious quotes that I had definitely forgotten about :D This is all word on word (including the emojis!) unless I thought a particular bit of punctuation didn't work etc.  Most of the photos are from my camera of a whopping 4 megapixels at the time but I did knick a couple from other people too (just so other members of the group are aware), and just for general reference: S/ is the currency sign for Peruvian Nuevo Soles. :)
This project is a tad cringe but it's also so much fun! Enjoy! 

24th July 2009
4pm - Build Up Day began.
  • Libby paired 'buddies' up.
  • Checked kit in the boys changing rooms - Sports Hall.
  • 7-9pm - Departure BBQ avec family and friends. Emotional goodbyes!! :P
  • No one slept properly. I slept for about an hour and a half using rucksacks as 'cushions'. Everyone was dotted all over the building.
2:15am -  Han B and I had fun with a revolving chair up and down the Sports Hall playing hall (trying to avoid a sausage on the floor from the BBQ the night before.

25th July 2009
The coach arrived at 4am and we all piled in. The coach seats were tiny! We all sat with our buddies... When we arrived at the Iberia check-in we had to wait for an hour to get to the front!
Then one of the Group 4 boys lost his passport.
After we had gone through customs we only just made the flight - the air hostesses weren't best pleased.
1st flight -> Madrid: sat next to an emergency exit so Jenny and I had better legroom.
The passengers then split -> Madrid -> other flights.
  • Air temperature flying over the Atlantic Ocean: -43C.
  • We watched the plane take off on screen and watched our progress across the Atlantic Ocean. 
  • We left roughly 12:30pm (UK time) and we arrived at 11:30pm GMT).
  • Four movies were put on including Hannah Montana: The Movie!
Once we arrived we had a swift movement to customs and then onto baggage. I was relieved to see my bag and all in one piece too!
To leave we had to pass through another security check: I was the only one who had to be checked! Everyone laughed :(
We then met our bus driver and followed him out. Once we were outside, it finally seemed to hit: we were in Peru! We had finally made it! And everyone seemed to start buzzing.
The driver gave me a funny look when I shouted "amigo" (friend) at Katharine. 
We all had a good laugh at the terrible driving of Lima (capital city)! I think we saw one set of traffic lights the whole journey...
  • We saw three wheeled bikes/cars.
  • The many beeps of the vehicles and shoutings of drivers.
  • Gurthej: "How d'you say 'good night' in Spanish? 'Buenos nachos' isn't it?"
Once at the hotel, we unloaded and waited while Ellen, Maggie (team leader) and Paul (young/student leader) check us in... then I was needed because the woman didn't speak a word of English! We had a 'good' long chat with her because 15 or us but the two Toms were booked into the apartment - they were booked into a hotel room (205). So we then had to wait for Team 2 to arrive (we were Team 1!) so they weren't left without a leader. Meanwhile Maggie and I tried to get her to change it. After a long while during which Meera (Team 3) booked her team in we found out they would wake the guys up at the same time as us and bring them over at 3:30am. After another period of time during which I had to look around each room on each level and we asked them if the others could come with us (to which they said they couldn't because Susana said so) plus got half of Team 3 settled, I finally got to rest. 
Our (Imogen, Louise, Kagg and I) TV worked so we watched Bridget Jones in English.
While we were in the 'apartment' we 'called' to each other by hanging out our windows and looking up/down at others. We were in the middle of Gurthej and Andy (above) and Sophie, Hannah B, Jo and Ellen (below). It was great fun! Gurthej and Andy had their boiler right in front of their shower at head height.
Slept: 10:30pm (Peruvian time).
3am we were woken up to be ready by 3:20am and leave at 3:30am. The bus driver had been adamant  we be leaving by 3:30... he was late by roughly 20mins.

Next section: first time to Cuzco! xxx

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