Halloweeny Things Part Two!

Just a mini update on my Halloween shenanigans! 
After a year out and so: no October/November celebrations, it felt great to get involved in some Autumnal festivities, starting with Halloween itself!

Like I said in my previous post, I woke up ill the day before Halloween and after the Company BSHS event that evening, I woke up on the 31st feeling pretty horrific, spending most of the day in bed.
However, being me, I got cabin fever pretty quickly and just had to leave the house. 
The only problem: I didn't have a Halloween costume! With some imagination and creativity, I put together a Van Helsing/Vampire Slayer/Divergent-esque costume. I felt kind of glamourous for Halloween surrounded by friends covered in fake blood and lots of face paint, but it was the best I could do.
Instagram: @talbstar
Boots: New Look
Jeans (ripped myself), black top, waistcoat & fedora hat: Primark.
Rings: market bought from Brazil (Opal) and Spain (thumb ring).
Temporary tattoos: free with the goody bag from the Company BSHS event (like I said, imagination!).
*Toothpicks added by party attendants.*

Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) Party!
On the 30th of October every year it is Mexican tradition to honour the dead. In celebration of this, the Mexican Society in the uni threw a party. They said face paint was optional and so I asked someone to do some for me! My thought process was: I have a cold so I'm going to be rubbing my nose with tissue, potentially rubbing all the paint off so I didn't want an obvious mark left. So I asked a woman to paint half my face so that way it was less obvious if I had to blow my nose. Lovely image, I know! 
I got told off by a Mexican because it wasn't traditional to wear face paint and while I don't want to upset anyone, I'd like to think we celebrate traditions differently. So I shrugged and kept dancing some more. Three solid hours of dancing (salsa, merengue and salsa-style hip hop) later, I was more than happy to go to sleep!

Guy Fawkes/Bonfire Night!
In England we have a unique tradition of our own. On the 5th of November we celebrate Guy Fawkes night: the night Guy Fawkes attempted to blow up the Houses of Parliament in 1605. We come together lighting sparklers and a bonfire. There will always be a fireworks display in town as well depending on the weekend closest to the day. I along with a couple of friends found our usual spot on the old Southampton City walls for this years display. It had been a long Reading Week for me of assignments and meetings so it was a welcome and reflective break. Sat on the exact same spot as I did when we first found the spot as excitable first years, it gave me a bit of time to reflect on the last three years and how much I had grown as a person. Remembering how I felt as an excited first year in comparison with the finalist I now am, not much wiser, but slightly more aware. It was interesting and blissful in a sense.
But back to my celebrations on the actual night. As languages students we get given a week mid-way through the semester in which we have time off lectures to write our assignments, so I had been doing solid 9-6pm or 8pm days in the library all week. On the Wednesday that was the 5th I was invited to a friends house for sparklers, a small bonfire on their BBQ coupled with hot chocolate, marshmallows and mulled wine: I was sold. 
It has been a very mild Autumn so far so there has been no need for wrapping up yet. But that night I finally felt like I could crack a hat, my walking boots and some thicker socks. While everyone else was shivering, I felt super cosy! I've not missed the heavy rain of Southampton but I've definitely missed the excuse to wrap up warm in lots of layers. Whether I'll be saying this in a couple of weeks time, I'm not sure. But for now: it was a welcome break.
Assignments were due in the week after for me and fortunately I got them both in on time. It has been a long week but I don't think I would have changed anything! It's been a week of learning, both academically and socially. :) 
Hope you enjoyed your early Autumnal celebrations!!

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