Company Bloggers Style The High Street 2014!

On Thursday 30th October 2014, I along with my friend from uni Leanne attended a Bloggers event hosted by Company fashion magazine and Impulse beauty products in Wapping area, London.

 This was the first year they had put together an event for bloggers, designed to inspire and obviously promote new trends. With your ticket - which we'd bought in August - you were treated to two free drinks and a goody bag. As well as this there were free treatments from getting your hair and nails down to having sparkly lips and glitter patterns on the side of your face.
 After a couple of hiccups with table numbers, we were then treated to tapas style nibbles and wine along with a fashion show from different high street chain stores such as Oasis, River Island, Next and Primark as the finale.
 Nina Nesbitt began the show.
Personally - and I was quite surprised - I thought Next had the best and most inspiring collection. The theme 'Coco's Party' was fun, stylish and unique.
*Telephoto lens used.
 Purple lighting (ambience?) aside, I kept make up quite minimal in the end. Going with my usual Urban Decay foundation and finishing powder, Boots navy mascara and Matte Mocha eyeshadow on my brows followed up with Maybelline lipstick and Rimmel red lipliner. 
My excuse being I'd been at uni that morning and got back in a rush and I also woke up with a cold that morning so I wasn't feeling particularly hot!
Blouse and hat from Primark! :)
 I think a mixture of illness, general tiredness and above photographed Chelsea boots (New Look) killing my feet meant I thoroughly enjoy the event as much as I could have done. But hey ho, I'm still happy I went! And we thoroughly enjoyed the photobooth provided by Impulse after the fashion show. So all was not lost haha!
 Quite honestly, I think organisation could have been better on Company's part and perhaps a bit more to do and experience. And I have to say that I was actually generally more inspired by the outfits put together by the bloggers themselves than the ones on the runway. But other than that, for a first time attempt, it was a decent night! Plus, we even got a massive goody bag to takeaway! 
This wasn't even all of it! There was a CD and a razor too! But I thought it might be best to leave the latter out of the picture. We'd devoured the edibles by the time we got on our coach home and there are definitely some things I highly doubt I'll ever use (*cough* bronzer! *cough* ), but I'd used some of the temporary tattoos within 24 hours (see my next post) and I'm looking forward to giving some of the other products a go!

Thank you Company and Impulse! 
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