Halloween-y Things 2014!

So last weekend I suddenly realised how close to November we were getting, which then motivated me to carve a pumpkin!! I'd bought it for £1 in Sainsubury's a couple of weeks before but hadn't got round to carving it: so now was the time!

I went through a wave of "can't be bothered-ness", "I'll just make it look pretty" and then finally "urgh, I'm not doing anything else productive I might as well carve it properly..." This is what happened...
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 I used a fineliner Sharpie with the help of a black felt tip pen to draw the eyes and mouth on :)
 *Apologies for the lush Sunday look I'm sporting...!
*Talb. My nickname!
I got the inspiration for the glitter use from a video I'd see on YouTube channel Sprinkle of Glitter last year. She covered the top of her pumpkin in pink glitter, and I just felt like my pumpkin needed a lil' summin' summin'! I'm very pleased with it/him/her!! Looks a bit like a silver Batman mask but it obviously adds to the charm.

Then more people got involved and we started a pumpkin family!!
Mad relatives!

I bought the glue and glitter from a crafts shop on Southampton City High Street (sorry, I can't remember the name of the shop!) for a cost of £1.50 so I'll no doubt be finding a use for the glitter again, teehee!
Although I only missed one due to my Year Abroad, it's been two years since I properly celebrated Halloween so I've been really excited and enthusiastic about Halloween, English Autumn and November 5th next week! So rather than gush some more on this post, I'm going to take some more piccies and talk about it in another post, mwahaha! Stay tuned for leaf pics and firework fun!!
Happy Halloween!! :D
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