Do What You LOVE! The Job Hunting Process.

Sounds like a very deep subject but it's something that I'm becoming increasingly more aware of as I embark on my final year of university and thus, the start of my career searching journey. Tough is not the right word but it's not as easy as we once used to think when deciding upon a job or career.

I'd always hoped that by my final year of university I'd know what I wanted to do next. I'd have my s*** together, as it were, and I'd know what direction I wanted my life to take. But no. Far from it.

To travel or not to travel? To work or not to work? To beginning building a career or not, I have no bloody idea! And it's terrifying! I've always been someone who knows what kind of direction they've wanted to go in. 

As most children do, I went through an assortment of careers that I wanted to pursue "when I was older". From teaching so I could boss people around, to running my own stables because I love horses and being a detective to solve mysteries and a vet so I could look after animals. It all sounded rather lovely. I've done work experience in a vet practice and a solicitor's office, I've lived abroad by myself and I've worked in retail. But none of these have ever particularly been a real passion of mine. They've seemed great at first, but it takes only one small or major thing for you to lose interest. I couldn't watch a cat being euthanised, so what would I do when I had to do it myself? Family and criminal law are the areas of law that get the least pay, so why get no sleep on a regular basis if you benefit little from it? Why live permanently abroad if it doesn't make me happy? You get the idea.

For a couple of years I've been trying to convince myself that I ought to look for a good job that pays well enough, and then pursue what I love. But if I'm honest, I don't believe life works that way. How long do you continue with a job until you quit and do something you do enjoy? What is the trigger for you to hand in your notice of leave if the idea of the money keeps you hanging in there?

Pondering, as you do, whilst sat on my patio steps, after having completed my first verbal reasoning practice test and not done particularly well at it. It makes you think.

You can't force yourself in life. Sometimes your skills are better acquired to another job. If everyone in the world was good at everything, we'd be having some serious problems.

I'm not saying that I'm going to give up on this particular job that requires a verbal reasoning test, but it's certainly - and finally - struck a chord in me. It's got me thinking. What do I really love, and what do I really want to be doing?

I've always loved writing! When I was younger I loved to write my own stories and fill lots of notebooks with them. Mostly about adventures abroad and fashion shows (because I loved drawing outfits).
 I've tried to suppress this in recent years because I'd always tell myself that there's no money in writing, but blogs are free, so is the internet and so is the mind. If it just helps me to get my thoughts out, I'll feel like my blog has done something for me. And who knows what opportunities could be round the corner. The internet is a powerful source these days...

Travel. I love to travel! It's been just over a month since I got back from Brazil and I'm already thinking of my next adventure. I'm currently torn between Oceania (New Zealand, Fiji, Bali and potentially Australia), a European tour i.e. interrailing through France, Italy, Switzerland, Croatia, Greece, Slovakia and maybe Prague, or North America (New York state, Texas, Los Angeles, Alaska, Quebec and Toronto). My thoughts at the moment are that I wouldn't want to live abroad for longer than probably three-six months maximum. I love home, and unless something politically awful happens, I don't think I could ever move away permanently.
But filling your passport up with stamps and your memory card with awesome recollections, experiences and moments; broadening your mind, your experience and your food and culture palette. Nothing else compares!

Photography. I don't have a single qualification in photography but I have a passion for capturing a moment, no matter how insignificant! Sure, it's a lot to hold on to in terms of hard drive memory. But most likely it always makes you smile further down the road and pleased that you did capture it, especially if you forgot about it. Of course I don't take pics for the sake of it, if I think there's a memorable moment, I'll snap it. Whether that's with a polaroid, GoPro or a standard compact digital camera. My telephoto lens is my favourite for the special moments.
There are other things that I could list too, but right now I'm happy to have got these words out and on (virtual) paper. I love that there is a space now where we can fully express our ideas and thoughts. It's so relieving and I'm looking forward to really going for what I really want.

Peace and love xxx
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