Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium Visit!

Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium is a cute little café nestled in the bustling High Street of Shoreditch, East London. It is home to a unique concept and where a few very special kitties reside. The idea of the cafe is for the customer to enjoy coffee, cake and the company of a small group of cats, who roam the cubbyholes, boxes and furniture of two floors.
Once you arrive, you are taken through to a small room at the back where you are given some guidelines about the cafe such as 'do not feed the cats any of your cake' and 'do not pick them up'. (For anyone who's heart dropped at the latter example, they have a good reason for it in that they are all rescued or re-homed cats. Fortunately they are apparently doing much better according to staff, but a couple of them are still not huge fans of humans). 
You then get taken through a side door that is kept closed to keep the kitties in, and you are free to choose where you sit. Personally, although it's much lighter upstairs, we preferred downstairs where the sofas were. It's so cosy down there and you feel like you're in your own living room because the cats are just chilling around you on bookcases and in specially made hideaways - plus you haven't got people walking past the window either, so you feel more comfortable.
We ordered hot chocolates and I was overcome with excitement when the waiter placed them on the table, because they had chocolate sprinkle cat faces outlined on top of them...!!
So cute!!!!
We then followed these with some of the yummiest food! I ordered the 'Housecat' Platter which arrived with an assortment of cheeses, crackers and fruit.
When you book you are allotted two hours, which seems a very long time and we thought we would be leaving just after an hour. But no!! Fate and cute cats had another plan! 
The only thing that could have made this visit any better was if I hadn't left my DSLR camera charger adapter in my student house... I feel like I'm not really taking photos when I use my iPad. 
But anyway!
The staff themselves were brilliant also. One person has the role of Cat Carer on a shift, and they walk around talking to customers about the cats, showing them the cats toys and feeding them small, dry treats. Although you of course have to help run food or orders if necessary, it must feel so great to watch and look after cats as part of your job. Particularly ones you know are rehabilitating! It must feel so rewarding. It felt rewarding just to give to a cause that has saved at least a few cats from a life in adoption centres, on the streets or even worse, in an abusive home. I wonder if they'd be interested in starting a chain cafe in different parts of the country...?

Summed up, I and the rest of my party thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Lady Dinah's!! It had a wonderfully chilled atmosphere (the cats may have had something to do with this), the food was fresh and delicious and the staff were very friendly and chatty. I could have easily stayed there longer if I could and I'm sure I'll be dragging some uni friends back there very soon because, well, it's AMAZING!!
I'll be posting some more pictures to my Instagram (@talbstar) and possibly my Twitter (@talbstar), so stay tuned!! 
But on a serious note, book now and visit!! I promise, you will not be disappointed!

                              Thank you Lady Dinah's for a wonderful afternoon!!

*Here is their website where you can also book!
**This is not a sponsored post.
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