BBQ on the Farm

It's been over a week since I got back from Brazil so it seemed about time to start documenting my new adventures at home, starting with a BBQ at home!
Dress: New Look (circa. 2012)
Flip-flops: Havaiianas (Havaiianas Shop (Florianopolis, Brazil). *Note: these wouldn't have been my choice shoes but I left the New Look pastel pink sandals in my student house.
Bracelets: (left) from my travels - sorry about that - and Global Seesaw. (Right): Sainsbury's.
Watch: Dolce & Gabbana.
I kept my make-up super au-natural for this because it was just family and a couple of friends in the middle of the afternoon. Super chill!
Face: The Body Shop Tinted Vitamin E Cool BB Creme.
Primer: Rimmel.
Eyebrows: No7 Matte Mocha Eyeshadow.
Eyes: Eyeshadow: No7 Beach Shine & Wheatsheaf.
          Mascara: No 7 Black
Lips: No7 Coral Shine Lipgloss.
Nail Polish: Rimmel 504 District-ly Come Dancing, topped off with Rimmel 500 Disco Ball.
Rings: from a market in Brazil.
Bracelets (worn on a separate occasion): Pandora charm bracelet and a butterfly bracelet from a craft fair a couple of years ago.

During the summer I tend to keep my look quite hippy-ish, sticking to earthy colours like blue and green. Summer's the time to get in touch with nature! Plus the pastoral make up shades give your look a softer edge. Perfect for the balmy, hazy heat.

It was a wonderful afternoon full of food, Pimm's and good company! I love adventuring and exploring new places but it feels so good to be home surrounded by people I love and comforts that I've been without for a few months such as cider and some other English-y things.
Fave food of the afternoon: grilled halloumi, pepper and courgette kebab as shown in the picture above.
Fave drink: Kopperberg Alcohol-Free Berry Cider. I never thought I'd say this but I could definitely get used to drinking alcohol free drinks. Fizzy fruit juice with an adult label!
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