August Favourites

So August has been pretty hectic what with moving between my university house and home for different things, work and getting stuff sorted for the start of term. But it's been great getting back into the swing of busy life here, having my friends and family close by and having all my things (however unnecessary) around me again.

Favourite moment: moving back into my university house properly. I'm feeling for the first time in a year that I can move forward with my life. It's brilliant!
Taking my family to Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium comes in at a very close second though! It's so wonderful there and I've been obsessed ever since I first heard about it in December 2013! A great place for cat and tea lovers! (See my blog post about it from earlier in August).

Favourite Beauty: Urban Decay in general - full review post to come! I went for a makeover/consultation at my local stand and I fell in love. Albeit a teeny bit pricey, the quality of tees products is superb, and they last a long time so it's worth it in the long run. Plus! It's a cruelty-free, natural brand with an awesome pallette so there's no reason not to love this brand!! I think the Electric Pallete will need to go on my birthday list...
Favourite Music: apart from the collab he did with Gorgon City earlier this year, I'd never really listened to MNEK before now. But his track "Wrote A Song About You" is magical! He has such an incredible voice and the beat is just right that it's amazing for easy listening and for getting ready on a night out. I heard it on the radio earlier this week and I've been hooked since!
Steve Aoki is not one I tend to listen to regularly either, but his collab with Waka Flocka Flame to create "Rage the Night Away" is incredible!

Favourite Food: ever since I moved back I've been trying to keep fairly healthy with my diet by avoiding red meat, bread and sweets as much as possible. So far it's worked out pretty well - apart from a couple of burgers at a BBQ - but I've been loving Sainsbury's Morrocan Style Burgers made up with chickpeas and other vegetables. They taste amazing and morally I feel better too, hehe.
Another favourite of mine this month was avocado. Obsessed doesn't even cut it. I've put this with salads, fish and halloumi and it tastes so goooooood!! Dem vitamins and fibre doe!

Favourite Drink(s): raspberry mojitos from a local bar/restaurant (Trago Lounge). First a cranberry one, now a raspberry one. The regular mojito is becoming increasingly 'duller' with these juicier flavours.
My second drink favourite was finding passion fruit juice just like I had (same taste, not brand) in Brazil. Of all the places, I found cartons of it in a small newsagents in Shoreditch, London! I was extremely happy!!

Happy August!! xxx

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