June & July Favourites!

So June was a bit of a low month for me, and also slightly stressful because it was right before the last exams and coursework were due for my classes in Brazil. So I've joined them together as one big mash up and there could be a couple of favourites for one character as opposed to the usual one. :)

Favourite song: (June) Chandelier by Sia! I had this song on repeat for most of that month!!
                          (July) Voltage by Danny Avila. Amazing beats from a young South African DJ! Definitely checking out the festival he was playing in South Africa!!

Favourite food: this is kind of more of a moment, but taking my family to the Brazilian Restaurant in my university city so I could share a bit of what I experienced for a year. Their food is honestly amazing and the only difference between them and the food in Brazil is the amount of salt in some of the dishes, and the slightly anglicised salad options.

Favourite drink: I'm loving alcohol-free ciders/virgin cocktails/mocktails! Ok yes they are essentially just juice. But what's wrong with that?! I enjoyed a virgin cranberry mojito, loved it and still looked like I was sipping a normal cocktail. I bought an alcohol-free bottle of cider along with a normal cider deal and enjoyed the alcohol-free one the most. I can't decide which will be happier: me, my purse or my liver...

Favourite book: The Last Letter From Your Lover by Jojo Moyes (but I read it in Portuguese). It's all very well reading academic literature, but sometimes you just need something a little more informal to relax your mind. This was a cute little love story and I don't normally take to the standard modern day love story but this one is definitely worth the read.

Favourite Year Abroad moment: finishing my exams in Brazil and celebrating passing them with some of my coursemates! After a challenging year it was great to finally celebrate the end of another chapter with some great people, ending on a high so I left with the positives.

Favourite UK moment: as much of a learning experience/adventure my Year Abroad has been, the idea of not having to prepare myself mentally to move abroad again was so relieving! It's been constantly there for four years when I picked my uni choices, and now I don't have to consider it ever again as compulsory. I can now stay in the country for as long as I really wish and maybe put down some roots for a bit instead.

Favourite beauty product: Maybelline Red Lipstick (which I coupled with red Rimmel lip pencil) for a house party! (Picture on my Instagram @talbstar). Now that I kind of 'understand' make up a bit, I've begun trying bolder colours and bolder looks. But I'll switch it up between eyes and lips.

Hope you're having a wonderful summer/winter!!
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