May Favourites

Short and sweet this month!

Favourite Cruelty-Free Product: the Nut Oil Masque (Face Mask) by Montagne Jeunesse. I went for Baobab Oil & Marula Oil mask as relaxation therapy after handing in my dissertation. I've been using this brand for years and my skin always feels refreshed after using them. I used to really love the seaweed mask one but I think I've gone off it because the last time I used it, I didn't actually like the smell very much.

Favourite Song: Kukere by Iyanya. This. Song. Is. Epic! In five minutes!! I came across it via a Youtube video of four men dancing to it and I became obsessed! I put this song on when I need cheering up, and I've tried learning a couple of the guys moves too :3 (Below is the link for the four dancing guys):

Year Abroad Favourite: (just like last month, it's a favourite moment): there are actually two.
1. handing in my dissertation!! It feels great to finally not be constantly thinking of my investigation anymore. Although I'm now extremely nervous for my results in July.
2. my three day Iguassu trip!! (See May/June posts for more details). This was an incredible experience because it was the first time I have done a full trip completely alone and I met so many wonderful and exciting people and experienced some amazing nature at the same time!

Favourite TV Show: Game of Thrones. I actually didn't start watching this series until last year, when I decided to blast through the previous three seasons in an attempt to catch up with what was dominating a lot of conversations. It's impossible to try and take part or even listen into a GOT discussion without knowing the background of the stories, so I changed that quickly. However, I wasn't particularly impressed, even after the Red Wedding, so when the new series came around I wasn't too overexcited.
The fourth season has completely altered my opinion and the next season cannot come out quicker!! The stories are a lot more interesting, intricate and thrilling I'd say. What makes GOT so good is that every character has an equal chance (a human chance) in this series, and so no matter how much you like a character, they are never safe from a plot twist!