February Favourites!

Clothes: my favourite item of clothing this month is a black dance jumper that I bought from the AXZNT website. The logo reads "Dance is a universal language" in fifteen different languages - although not Portuguese - and I love it because it incorporates two of my favourite things in life: dance and languages!! Yep, I am a nerd. Thank you to one of my dance teachers though for telling me where to buy it, it's so so comfy!! :D

Make up: now I've only really started using make up properly very recently so I don't have a particularly exciting range but I'd have to say my favourite products this month are: the blue "Extreme" mascara by Collection and "Scandal Eyes" blue eye liner by Rimmel London. It's a nice switch up sometimes from the usual black eyeliner and mascara, plus it's more of a sublte statement as opposed to bold. I always make sure I coordinate it with something blue ie. a blue top/ blue accessories/ a blue bag, so again instead of clashing, the outfit comes together nicely.

Another product that I've just discovered and love is tinted moisturiser. I've tried two so far, one from No 7 ("Triple Protection Tinted Moisturiser") and the second from the Body Shop ("Cool BB Cream"). I prefer the consistency of the No 7 because it's more like a moisturiser, but I prefer the coverage that the BB Cream gives. I don't use and never have used foundation or anything similar, so this is my substitute for now, just to even out my skin tone (ie. under my eyes etc). The only trouble with the BB Cream is that it takes more time to blend into the skin and some times leaves teeny tiny clumps if you don't rub it in thoroughly. The No 7 I got as a sample but I had a look at the bigger tubes and they came to about £12; the BB Cream I bought for £10.

Food: I'm technically on my summer holidays at the moment in Brazil and going back mid March for another five months, so I've been binging on some favourites (although a lot of it is actually standard Sainsbury's savoury foods so not quite as naughty as one might have originally thought). Distinguished ones being Sainsbury's ready made soups, curry sauce and cider.

Other: my random favourite of the month is my Polaroid camera! I bought it for myself as a 21st birthday present and I absolutely love it!! There's something about single use cameras that just add a bit of magic to the memory. Plus, what's more exciting than waiting for the image to show up afterwards?! Shake it like a Polaroid picture, sugar! I'm having so much fun with it and can't wait to look back on these photos in a year's time :D

Valentine's Day: since coming to uni I've done something different every year. First year we wedged some mattresses in the stairway and did mattress surfing. Second year we went dancing. And this year we had a chilled, girly film night (watched Frozen and Tangled) in which a couple of the guys then gatecrashed the last twenty minutes of the second film - naughty.
I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's yourself and indulged in the occasion whole-heartedly!!

Hope you had a wonderful February!! xxx

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