#100happydays Challenge - Day One to Twenty!!

*100 Happy Days challenge.

So I'd seen some friends on Facebook start this challenge at the beginning of the year and at first I thought it was a huge amount of effort and not worth bothering with. However as time went on I actually rather liked the idea, and no it wasn't to make myself look good on Facebook. Not to get too deep or anything but the constant change that has been going on in my life, most recently since moving abroad and then back again for the holidays, got to me most when I got back from Mexico at the end of January. I found that I was just retelling the negative, or recounting the positive and then overthrowing that with a bigger negative. And I didn't want to go on that way. Being a person who normally looks for all the positives this wasn't making me happy! I mean hello, I'd just got back from two weeks in the Mexican Caribbean when for the last few Januarys I've had exams. I'd just had an adventure, and I was quickly losing the magic.
So to get myself back into a positive mindset and to also live just as much for the present (because again, I was kind of just letting life pass me by without really taking the time to really feel it), I started the 100 Happy Days challenge.
This challenge has helped me so far to find positives in the smallest of things - unless of course something bigger and more obvious does happen. I've found that I'm looking for positives in daily life now as opposed to the negative, and it feels great!! Truthfully, I have got to a point where I've felt a bit pretentious in posting something about my day every day, but I know that I'm doing this for me and not to show off, so I've overcome that and am happily carrying on.
As of course it is 100 days, I've decided to break it down into small chunks so that it's a bit more manageable. I hope this inspires you to start your own!!
*I have left names and/or event pictures out for reasons of privacy.
**If there is a link, you should either be able to click on it and it will open a new tab, or copy and paste the link over to another page.
Hope you enjoy!!

Day One: helping out at SUSUPA's dance comp, watching friends ace routines and win trophies, not forgetting the (as always) kick ass social afterwards Great start!! #100happydays

Day Two: surprise visit from the lovely Casey! #100happydays

Day Three: waffles + wonderful company = happiness!! Always great to catch up with you lovely lady!! #100happydays

Day Four: (This is going to sound really cringe-nerdy but haters can hate): back in good ol' Hartley library getting my research on, complete with orange juice and house music tracks!

Day Five: new lens that I can't wait to try out once the weather clears a bit, taking up half a meeting to air year abroad, ahem, "opinions" and another dance social tonight!! Wotta Wednesday! :D #100happdays
Day Six: sugary jam donut challenge!! I failed... #100happydays
Day Seven: so not only is it Valentine's Day, but it's also Friday and day lucky number seven!  Thus being the day it is, it must be time to write a nice message about how much I love my life, my gorgeous friends, my darling family, tea, dance, travel, surfing, starbucks, my cameras, da haterz... 

But this day is smooshy enough without all that  

Looking forward to a film night with some of my faves (people and movies) tonight!

Happy Valentine's!! May your day be full of peace, love and joy! (And your stomachs full of delicious wine and over-priced chocolates!). #100happydays

Day Eight: as much as I love the original, there is sometimes nothing more amusing than taking a song, translating the lyrics into another language and then translating that back into English. Simple linguist pleasures. #100happydays              http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2bVAoVlFYf0

Day Nine: sometimes happiness is as simple as finally getting a start on a project :) #100happydays

Day Ten: when this one (my sister) comes to visit... #100happydays
Day Eleven: taking a chance on (a friend who's name shall remain anonymous for now)!! Vote (my friend) for VP Education!! #100happydays

Day Twelve: cake, wine and board games! happy early birthday (housemate)! #100happydays
Day Thirteen: to know that there is a teeny bit of hope in a situation where at first there appears to be none. #100sortofhappydays

Day Fourteen: (student elections campaign status & photo).

Day Fifteen: that dive, those scores!! :D #100happydays

Day Sixteen: impromptu sandwich dance!! #100happydays

Day Seventeen: brainstorming new blog ideas for Brazil and the Nut!! (my Year Abroad blog) #100happydays

Day Eighteen: sometimes there's nothing nicer than starting a day off watching a video like this. Small things really do make that much of a difference  And yeah I cried a bit 

Day Nineteen: just bought a bracelet from Global Seesaw!! What is really special about this purchase however is the concept behind it.

Global Seesaw is a charity for women in India who have been exploited ie. through prostitution and/or human trafficking. The organisation has given these women a second chance at a happier life. The women make the crafts on offer and the charity then sells them on, creating a much fairer work environment and a happier life.

Please do not take this as a preachy status as I've only made a small contribution today, I am just really happy that I could make it  Thank you (to another dear friend of mine) for introducing me to this site!! #100happydays

Day Twenty: enjoying my day. Why? Because it's Thursday. #enjoy #mein #day And here's a picture of a baby sloth. #100happydays

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