My 2014 Resolutions

   Now I realise this post is a teeny tiny bit late for a standard resolutions post, but hey! It's never too late to start right?! So here we go!
2013 was a rollercoaster of year. Not just because I moved country for five months as part of my degree, but in general I had quite a few life lessons that I need to work through. Ie. listening to what I want instead of what I ought/should do, and listening to my intuition about certain things (ie. am I taking on too much/managing my time in conjunction with my work load?).
So, 2014!! What to expect?
What's interesting for me is that this is the first time I don't have a huge life plan. Before uni I had always had the big plan to get to university. Once I was in university I always had my Year Abroad to prepare for. Now I'm half way through my Year Abroad and all that is the second half and fourth year in October. Scary how quick my time here has gone! I feel like a Fresher still (although of course with a much lower alcohol resistance and a body clock that cannot make it past 2am), and I'm not ready to settle down and start working yet!!
But I've tried and been through so many career ideas, that I kind of don't want to force it anymore. When I was 15 I did work experience to be a vet, at 17 I worked in a law office, at 20 I moved to Brazil thinking I'd want to move there and work post-uni. But they've all fallen through. So from this year my decision is to just simply go with it. To see where life leads me. Not that I'm giving up responsibility for my life or anything, but to look at what I really love and take opportunities that progress me in those areas. People tend to forget that it really is sooo important to love what you do! So many get it into they're heads that it is the money that's important but at the end of the day, if you love what you do: then surely money shouldn't matter? Unless money is what makes you happy, why worry yourself so much??
So resolution number one is: to go with the flow, live in the present and not over think the future. I've always loved to write, so I've looked into a Masters course at another university. I'm going to the Open Evening tomorrow. But I'm not planning any further than that (yet! And I will update you with another post).
Resolution number two: to do what I love! So far, that is travel, blog, take photos and make videos. There is just no point doing something if doesn't make your heart sing/you really do not like it.
Resolution number three: to kick the "should" and "ought" mindset. I ought to wake up early to get to the library. I should be more talkative. No!! Where in those examples does what "I want" come into it. I'm not doing this to be selfish, I'm doing it because I truly want to.
Resolution number four: to say "yes" more to random opportunities without worrying about costs (within reason ie. yes to that spontaneous night out or yes to the extra surf lesson once I'm back in Brazil). I definitely don't think I've wasted my life, but there are definitely a few opportunities that I'd taken up over the years. And I really don't want to live the rest of my life thinking "what if?" so this year I will take opportunities as they come. For example, you only go through uni at this age once, so nights out are actually precious.

What will your resolution/s be?

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