Living for the Present: Being Back Home!

   Now I'm not just talking about being home with the family, but also about being back in my university town too!
All I can say is that I miss it, a lot! But it's funny how quickly time passes. I don't want this to be a deep thoughts post but I haven't been back a week and I'm already realising how much you need to live in the moment because when it's gone: it's really gone! I have thought a couple of times "oh there'll be plenty of times to do this this month/next year" but I'm wrong, there won't and in ceasing these moments I now feel like I won't miss out on anything. These moments have included turning up to dance classes like I used to, going out and seeing friends and even agreeing to plans with people you only vaguely know or haven't spoken to for a while.
Deep stuff over, I'm very happy to be back! People have said it doesn't seem weird me being back and it's so true! Although I have no lectures, committee responsibilities and no housing things (apart from securing one next year) to deal with, Brazil feels like another me. I feel a bit too casual wondering around campus, but it's still home. It's also so great seeing familiar friendly faces!! Seeing people I care about adds to this feeling of being home. People I used to live with, people I used to hang out with, people who I danced with. I totally have this 24 hour smile switched on inside me at the moment!!
It's interesting though, now that I'm here, I realise I'm glad to be here, having done half a year abroad, having experienced what I have at this stage in my life. I definitely wouldn't change what has happened! It's been such a learning curb, an incredible adventure! ;)

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