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Working Southampton.

So as a sort of 'ode' to Southampton in my last week of this summer internship, it seemed befitting to document the places I found useful to work in here.

I've got stuck in London pretty easily, but what about outside of the Big Smoke where the digital nomad culture has not quite hit?

These are a couple of places I found useful to work in.

Living to closer to campus than Portswood meant that I inhabited this Costa branch fairly often. Sure it brings in the library inhabitants every so often, but generally it's not too loud or busy that you can't think. AND you can still hook up to eduroam: winning!

Personally I get kind of distracted here because you tend to see people you know, so I only really inhabited here in the first couple of weeks of my internship while I was still establishing my favourite spots.

Unless you're a Fresher - and you won't be in the dark much longer - you'll likely have heard of this place.

Well-placed on the uni route and slyly opposite the smaller Costa Portswood, Coffee N#1 is an example of classic hipster coffee shops beginning to sneak their way in.

I say that in an endearing way!

If I had been a year or two younger than I was when it opened I would have been in there allllllllllllll the time.

The internet is ok, but not fantastic so if you plan on doing any emails or just online research, I'd maybe think your plan again.

But a coffee/lunch meeting, I would definitely recommend grabbing a cuppa here. Despite the picture, it's well lit and has a generally inspiring vibe.

A family run Southampton chain, I discovered the Mettricks Guildhall branch in the first week of July when a friend of mine recommended we go to one of their jam sessions. I fell in love! (So in love, I'm co-hosting an event with them on Friday 16th).

But it's also a great place to work in the day!

Downstairs is great for the light that comes through the big glass walls, but if you're looking for a bit more quiet, then I recommend sneaking away upstairs. It's a smaller floor, but you'll find plenty around you in a similar situation - I like to refer to it as the Apple Army. Meetings and study sessions a-plenty, it's a great place to get stuck in.

*And for afterwards I recommend a glass of Malbec ;)

Ok, so I know what you're thinking: "wait, isn't that a club!?"

Why, yes, yes it is.

However you can also chill there and grab some food in the day. Apart from the staff walking back and forward from the courtyard, it's actually really quiet and a great place to work.

Here is the kind of place you really can curl up on the sofa and work. If there's music, it's bearable.

And if you're feeling a sugar craving I recommend getting a Freak Shake too!

Super chilled, super friendly.

So that's that, my Southampton working finds!

Which ones are yours?

Han x