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Working London: Take 2!

Hello Nomads! So one of the awesome benefits in moving to London is I now have a whole selection of hangouts and remote offices to choose from! All this creativity and it's on my door step!

But how do they fare? Just because they might have a snappier coffee quote on the blackboard outside, does it really make them the number one place for digital nomads to venture?


Clapham is another blog in itself - for those Pinterest trinkets you're going to want to get yourself down here. It's calming, creative and full of young business people. Of course this means coffee hangouts and Insta-worthy bars are many and plenty here.

When you're not enjoying a the balcony on a balmy summer evening, I recommend you check out the same space during the afternoon. Sure the waiting staff are super attentive and constantly checking you're consuming something. But that comes with the territory - and you'll find that a lot.

I went there on an overcast afternoon but still got a good amount of work done.

Although a bit more pricey for food, it's totally worth it if you have the budget.

I had a lot about this infamous cafe. Allllll the cereal you could ever want or need in different combinations in one place?

And if cereal isn't for you then there is always the choice of pop tarts.

I will admit, I don't like cereal... Wait, Han, then why are you there!?

Try something new once, no?

I had the Mint Choc Hipster (like chocolate cereal with mint aeros and mint chocolate milk - maybe with some other kind of cereal in there as well, I honestly don't remember).

If you're into that kind of thing, the whole basement is kind of like a child computer whizz from the 90's bedroom. Sit on a fully made bed - yep, you read that right - and enjoy the blurry, overexposed cartoons from your childhood on small box TVs. Although if you're looking to work here, I recommend staying upstairs where there is more natural light.

Wifi wasn't too bad and prices on the decent side considering you would pay that for a Pret or Costa sandwich. However you then remember: it's a bowl of cereal.

Sadly I couldn't be enthused but I will admit the inner child was amazed at the many choices - and the actual kids in front of me were ecstatic.

I first saw this going past on the bus, made a mental note and lost said mental note.

That is until I found it again through another search of the best quirky cafes.

I smiled a bit as I first stepped in this cafe as it does feel like you've walked into a bike workshop. And hey, you sort of have as there's a guy surrounded by spare bike parts in the corner next to the bar counter.

Order some of your favourite dishes with a twist, take a seat and wait.

A road cyclist print covers the bench I hid myself on. You can tell this lifestyle is becoming popular as little signs adorn selected tables with "No laptops on this table".

I had a dumb moment when I wondered why they had put a cycling race on the big projector as well... *Facepalm*

If it hadn't been for an evening seminar I had booked on to, I would have happily stayed there a bit longer.

It has an easy going vibe, great wifi and any food outlet that serves up the melted cheese that spilled out of your sandwich is great in my books! Good prices as well.

I ADORE this place something crazy! And for any other Deliciously Ella fans, you're going to want to give this a go!

For anything non-tech. While it says there is wifi, I've been there twice now and it never really worked.

The food and the atmosphere is fantastic for those in need of some healthy respite. I recommend coming here for some healthy fuel! I haven't found another place yet who can top their delicious matcha lattes. Couple this with an açaí bowl and you're on to a fantastic start to your day!

Ideal for creative brainstorming sessions and meetings sans Internet though!  Bit more expensive though.

A charming place about two minutes from the Leicester Square tube station, there's something for everyone in this cafe. Baring in mind you are very much in the central city, food and drink prices are that little bit dearer, but I didn't have a heart attack over it so once again, no more than what you would expect.

Fairly quick wifi, a fantastic veggie breakfast and coffee and I was set for a very productive day.

Unlike a few places, the staff were good at finding that level with being attentive and leaving you alone.

If you have a sweet tooth, a love for French pastries and can work with business chatter in various languages and tea cups chinking, then here is perfect for you.

I'm pretty sure I'll go again...

Recommended to me by a friend, this has to be one of my top finds! Straight across from the Clapham Common tube, Brickwood is a bright little cafe nestled on the main street.

It's a timeless, vibrant coffee house hangout with a welcoming touch of aquamarine to every item like the coffee machine and cups. And the little plastic baskets that held my Breakfast Burrito reminded me of sunny days on the Brazilian coast.

With bubbly staff, quick service and a great menu, I again began the day very productively.

If I wasn't intent on discovering new places I would sit here every day.

Quite literally cheap and cheerful - and fantastic wifi!

Don't go here to work.

I'm not joking. The only people I can imagine coming here for work would be powerful business tycoons still in love with hierarchy. Not a particularly positive message but I really wasn't a fan of this place and I left kinda annoyed.

Sure the Radio Flyer smoothie was alright and being able to more or less watch my food be made and brought out felt a bit like being in a London version of the Ratatouille film.

But other than that, service was slow, they didn't keep proper tabs on customers so I was interrupted a lot to be asked more questions about an order I didn't make, they forgot one of my orders and then one chef knocked me half way through a business call to shake hands with some other chef on the other side of the counter. Shouting down my mic.

The idea of sitting in the hub of noise and tasty treats while you dine sounds great in concept, and has a sort of elegant feel to it. But it was noisy, wifi constantly cut out for minutes on end and the food wasn't particularly inspiring in taste.

Don't bother.

Another place for the vibe and the food, not the wifi. I can tell you that straight up.

I was informed that the internet normally works but they were having trouble, but time is basically money. I didn't have time to be wondering round London.

Again, if you want a place to brainstorm, create and converse: this place is perfect!

Having heard a lot about it, I had the Courgetti Spaghetti - and it didn't disappoint!

However I left pretty quickly - partly because there were people flowing in and out constantly - and because it was getting late in the day.

It is on the pricier side for mains and smoothies but you get exactly what you pay for.

Staff are super friendly and, I don't know about you, but I love a great view when I work so the balcony to the courtyard was perf!

I'll be back when I have reading :)

I was also recommended the Phoenix Artist Club, but it turns out it's a creative space for actors, not so much entrepreneurs.

So that's it! I'm finishing this post sat in a window of Timberyard, stared at by pedestrians and curious tourists. Actually this is probably my favourite spot as it's ideal for a bit of people-watching too...

That's my updated list, but it's not just about me!

Where would you recommend?

Han x