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Where to work in Krakow.

Updated: Aug 18, 2019

Krakow is a fascinating place. Much like Berlin, you can feel the history in the city. Yet Krakow is not a victim and, much like Berlin, does own its history.

If you are ever in town, I highly recommend taking a buggy city tour. There is so much history in plain sight that, apparently, even some locals do not know and its so insightful to get to know.

History aside, Krakow is also a very interesting place to set up and work. Whether you are here for day to day business, wanting to visit or passing through on your way skiing (as we did), there are a good handful of places to work with good wifi.


Some of the freshest vegan waffles ever with the freshest fruit! For those city types gagging for a good flat white, I highly recommend visiting Cakester.

Good ethics, good wifi, good altogether!

Zarowska Cafe

Definitely one of my favourites in Krakow. Sit in or outside - but for good natural light I recommend outside next to one of the heaters.

Amazing coffee and a great selection of veggie options for lunch.


I think it’s meant to be the Polish alternative to Costa? There are several around the city that are worth going into if you’re looking for a good breakfast and coffee deal before everything else opens at 9am. Good wifi available again as well.

But overall not something to rave about.


I discovered this cute French-inspired cafe while trying to look for another one (which I never found). While staff are not always on top of orders, it’s a cute and tasty place to spend an afternoon working - particularly as they do not seem especially bothered about chivvying you on your way.

Tip: stay at the front of the cafe/clamber up the tiny staircase to the second level at the front for the best wifi - and give the fresh orange juice a go!