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Two types of people during COVID-19 (Hello Again Blogging)

Updated: Apr 12

So last Friday, Traverse (the company I currently work for) hosted a virtual #CreatorsBrunch. As we're currently on lockdown here in the UK thanks to a little virus going round and we've finding ways to bring the community together. There were about 40 participants on this Zoom call and it made for a really refreshing conversation after our first week of full lockdown.

Now, for those of you who've I met in the last year, some context, I actually used to regularly publish blogs from 2016 to April last year under the name Han Meets World. Then I made the decision a year ago to stop doing this as not only had I fulfilled on the mission I set out with for HMW, but I also fell out of love with the content I was writing. After a fun trip to the States last year, I got back and went to write "A busy person's guide to New York" and thought to myself "but who am I writing this for?!" It felt like something I "had" to do, rather than something I "wanted" to do.

Fast forward a year and almost a year into working on the brand side of content creator marketing and events and I've had time to reflect. (And even more so thanks to coronavirus).

For a few years, I've preached about the importance of owning a space on the internet. Which doesn't mean Instagram. I'm talking a domain you have bought, a website you pay for/or is at least registered to you (although I don't know how many website spaces are totally free any more...). So my website sat quietly during this time and as the year went on, I toyed with and put to the side the idea of writing properly again.

When I finally put my money where my mouth is and travelled to Bali last September, I couldn't not write about my experience of a Bali Instagram Tour, but I still wasn't in the right head space to commit to it. See the thing that many don't realise is, it's not about "are you good enough", it's "can you commit enough"? Enough time, resources and personal energy, as an audience and the opportunities don't build over night.

As of writing this I've spent two weeks at home self-isolating and scrolling through the internet each day, you realise there are two types of people - heightened by the Creators Brunch on Friday: the proactives and the inactives.

The proactives - might have started as inactives initially - are the people who will see this time on lockdown as an opportunity. Gifted time (which we had anyway but were able to fill before) to fill with all those "what ifs" and "wouldn't it be nice ifs" with real action. Or maybe to actively slow down, binge watch Netflix and reenergise. Whatever it is, the proactives are the people who optimise their time so they will come out stronger. They accept what is going on and are thinking about the bigger general picture.

This is where I am placing myself and the action to start blogging regularly again - along with a couple of other "what ifs" that I'll share in due course. I've taken breaks in blogging before, but I always find myself coming back. So after an honest conversation with myself, I am (clumsily) back on the blog again.

The inactives - might have been proactives that got disheartened and stopped - will see this time as punishment and "get bored" after one day of wondering why this is happening to them. They'll complain on Twitter about how bored they are and impart their doom and gloom on anyone who will listen and feel victimised about all their plans that were put on hold. And probably blame the Chinese "for starting all of this".

Some people may start in the inactives camp but as they begin to understand a little more about what is going on, they might slide on over to the proactives side.

I'm not saying either one is right or wrong as a state to be in as we all cope in our own ways. But over in the Han Meets World space, I am about enabling the proactives, the people with dreams, ideas and desires that they want to put in to place. It's something I've been about since I entered the digital space in 2013 (again, weirdly almost exactly seven years ago). And this is a space for that percentage of people.

Until next week

Han x

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