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Staying motivated in the middle vs. staying motivated in the beginning.

It's been a little while since any dreams progress was mentioned.

Partially because there was a lot of travel and partially because there has been some figuring out to do. Experiencing new things, meeting new people, figuring out what I want around myself.

We also had a massive clear out over the summer and it brought up some things that raised some internal questions. Old photos, school tshirts, drawings. "Stuff" that we somehow hadn't let go of but was still somehow defining us.

So many ideas and thoughts that I had kept hold of and never taken action on. Business ideas, trip inspiration, lists of things to do. Uncovering these was unsettling. 

Truthfully, it's a weird place, for me. A new space. Because apart from school, I've never really made it through the middle of a project before. 

Han Meets World has provided the accountability I seemed to be missing before.  it's harder to hide when people are watching. 

For the first time in a while I'm sticking by an idea. Hard. So bringing up these old to-do lists and spider diagrams through me a little. 

A few weeks later though, it hit. While thinking about the HMW strategy coming up to the end of, er mah gerd, year three!

Staying motivated in the middle looks a lot different to staying motivated at the beginning. Here is why:

In the middle, the self-doubt thing is even slier. You're sitting on the bus to work and all of sudden "you just don't care", or "you're just not as bothered as you thought you were anymore.  Maybe you should just give up and settle with what you've got." 

It's a smart voice designed to keep you from taking yourself on at another level. To keep you safe and demotivated. The key to staying motivated inspite of it, is to surround yourself with the things you love and are motivated by. 

In the middle, you may find yourself getting distracted by mixed thoughts. This is where the clear out worked so well. Physically clearing out old to do's. Testing ideas at last to see whether they would work, cleared a path to keep going. 

The clever little voice may keep you distracted and questioning who you are, but it shows you are on the correct path. Whatever happens during this time, always trust in the end goal or mission.

In getting to the middle, you've already distinguished yourself from a lot of people who give up after the beginning ie the first few months/first year/first sign of difficulty.

You are in a place where not many will go. It's both astounding and puzzling for other people who would like to get there but are comfortable where they are. Smile and be patient. It's new. It's change - and you might be able to help someone out!

Read. Read about your topic, Google-dive on your topic. Love it. It will keep you confident, inspired and motivated. No time? There is always time. On the tube. Waiting for the tube. At lunchtime. Waiting for your pizza to cook. There is always time.

Trust that you know what you're doing. And you will get there. When you least expect it.

You got this, dear reader!

Han x