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Starting New Year's goals in December.

I wrote a similar post this time last year but this time I am writing to you directly:

Start your 2018 goals TODAY.

Why? Because barely anyone sticks to a goal they began on January the first. They look at the rest of the year and think it's a long way to go.

That, or they see it as a duty to make these goals and whoever actually stuck to something they forced on them self out of "duty".

I work in Marketing. The idea of preparing for #NewYearNewMe season makes me involuntarily roll my eyes. Call me cynical, but why is New Year the only time you can make grand goals?

Who is realistically going to go cold turkey after a full season of drinking and overindulgence?Who is going to take on strict healthy eating and going to the gym in one of the most miserable months of the year?

One long miserable work day later, you don't want to learn your five Spanish words/piano lesson/coding methodology and you feel like you've failed yourself for yet another year.

Cynicism over, deep breathe.

In Marketing, you begin thinking about the new year before we've really said goodbye to summer. It takes preparation and planning. It seems like a lot of work at the time, but by the time it comes around, you're ready for it and it becomes another day.

Start today so you don't feel the pressure in the new year.

Start today so by the time the new year comes around, it has already become a habit.

Start today so that you don't self-sabotage and give up.

What next?

I found the perfect diary for me, that meant I had no excuses about waiting for "the right moment". It read:

"Start where you are"

And you fill the time and date in yourself.

I couldn't trick myself that I had started an annual diary or academic diary too late. That it was better to wait until the new year/next week/next Monday.

You cannot guarantee life won't throw you some curveballs, so start now when you have five minutes. Before work, during your commute, your lunch break.

Start your goals now and begin your 2018 strong.

What are you going to take on?

Han x