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Spring Cleaning: 4 ways to make your goals happen.

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

Since I made the first stage of the 'masterplan' happen in January, it has been a turbulent February and March. I don't know about you, but I find that once you elevate one part of your life, the rest of your life wants to follow suit. That is, now my work life has been taken up a notch, the rest of my life is trying to catch up. Moving into a nicer house because I can now, actually putting a couple of long haul trips into action, dating again... The thing I've learned the most is that it's ok for life to feel like a bit of hurricane storm as you adjust to what you are capable of. Sometimes you want to hide back in your small hole and not embrace your awesomeness. But that's where certain steps seriously help to keep you grounded and strong:

1. Spring clean. I filled up at least 1-2 bags of clothes and books to take to the charity shop in February. Cut out any images and recycled magazines, used the last of any products (make up/cooking/creative), dusted and reorganised EVERYTHING! If it didn't fit, it went. Now you might be thinking, but Han, how can a mug or an ornament fit!? If you look at it, pick it up and it doesn't inspire you any more: get rid of it! In yogi terms: clear your space and allow for the new to come in. I gave a 'Girl Boss' mug away to charity. I've had it for about three years, but that's just it. When I first started on my journey a couple of years ago, quotes and big motivational words were what kept me going. In the present, I have other ways.

2. Let your mind wander. Whether you know what exactly it is you want or not, you should be left with some space after stage one. I've found that the mind feels clearer when you cut the crap out of your life. And whether you do or do not know your next steps, can I suggest that you take some time to let your mind wander? I know where I want to get to, but in February my brain wasn't wholly ready to get going straightaway. Keep a notepad in your bag, your phone, your laptop. Note down any thoughts that come to you.

3. Plan and accountability. Surprise! I'm mentioning planning and accountability again! But it works. Buy a fancy diary, use your phone diary, a wall planner or bullet journal. Whatever you prefer to use. I've gone through all of these at some point and now stick to my phone diary. Because, funnily enough, unless we have it in a diary, we don't always know when we have time to carry these actions out. Be realistic and set yourself the right amount of time in a day. Plan for the year, plan for the week, plan for the day. Be realistic about the amount of hours you have in one day. Rome was not built in a day, and neither are our biggest, wildest plans. Be patient. I have mentioned accountability partners a couple of times in the last year, but it really helps! Having at least one other person you can send your weekly goals to and vice verse. Not only does it feel less scary, but you can talk about any worries you may have with them. It helps to have someone you know is a good listener - but also make sure you are prepared to be there for them in the same way.

4. Action. Just do it. Stop questioning yourself. It's surprising how easy it is to call that person you never thought you could. Press complete on an application. Save towards that trip. Do it! Do it! Do it! And if that inner voice is overwhelming, you know where I am to help!

This blog is dedicated to Darius Smith aka Victory For U, who I met at LFW this year. No goal is too big or crazy! You got this!

Have a powerful week!

Han x