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Milan: my do's and don'ts.

If you've seen my Instagram, you will know by now that I have a very special place in my heart for the beauts city that is Milan. The cappuccinos, shopping and pistachio gelato, and of course the gorgeous architecture and landscape that hugs the historical city. It really is a wonderful place of respite.

Like the coffee they serve, Milan is tastefully mellow but full of buzz.

So what are my do's and don'ts about this gorgeous town?

DO: have a flat white or cappuccino at a coffee bar. Extra points if you buy it from a cute old-school coffee bar! I highly recommend the Vintage Café near the Duomo.

DON'T: expect anything to be open early - and don't expect everything to stay open late... You will never quite know!

DO: eat gelato. You already know what I would suggest...!

DON'T: go to the restaurants around the Duomo plaza. Siri actually helped quite a bit on this one, but wander behind the busy tourist places or ask a local for their recommendation. They know the spots!

DO: stop into Galleria Vittoria. Dripping with glamour and oozing elegance, even if you can't afford Prada (yet) or Gucci, take some time to wander in and peruse the beautiful delights. You could always do what we did and pretend we could afford it by sitting with a cappuccino in Marchesi just above Prada.

DON'T: rush. You get more from this city by taking it slow.

DO: go to the Duomo terraces. It was breathtaking! No joke, my heart skipped a beat when I got to the top and saw how closely the Alps hugged Milan. And we had the perfect weather that day too!

DON'T: rely on trains to the airport. That's a story for another day...

DO: visit the Canal in Navigli for a happy hour drink or happeritif. Eliana recommended this one and we began the evening in a bar on the canal with cocktails and all you can eat food then ended the night in a speakeasy sipping Sword On The Stones. It was amazing! 

DON'T: rely on anyone for accurate directions every time. I don't know what it is, but somehow no one is quite ever reliable on precise directions...

DO: get a local's opinion. We obviously had our flat host and then two policemen also approached us and gave us some tips. *And then said we had matching jackets so we should have a photo...

On the whole, Milan is gorgeous and full of life! The list is endless...

Would you ever go to Milan?

Han x

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