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#InspiredBy You!

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

I have always had a passion for travel for as long as I could remember. Exploring new places, learning new languages and getting to know cultures.

Whether that was finishing the Salkantay trek, driving a golf buggy on a Mexican island or simply going down to the beach after a night out to watch the sunrise in Crete.

I will never cease to be astounded by the amazing things that happen when I travel.

I take risks because I have travelled. I have shaped who I am: because I travel. I am inspired that much more: because I travel.

I took and take action: because I travel. I am always moving forward: because I travel.

I want to create a conversation, a community, where people could come together and be inspired to take action on that which fulfils and inspires them.

So: #InspiredBy was born!

I am so inspired by people!

Once people let go of fear of themselves and what they are capable of: they take off. And when put to a positive cause: it's magical!

It's really incredible and you simply cannot help but feel enrolled in them as a person, in their cause and the awesomeness of humanity.

So I want to create a space where these ideas can be brought to life.

The aim of #InspiredBy is to create another digital conversation, one where the community can converse and then take physical action. Whatever that looks like online and offline. From the individual who wants to give their own spin on health to someone already established on (for example) YouTube and wants to help inspire others or maybe even someone who wants to be the next campaign.org champ. The possibilities are endless!

**The only requirement is that you already have a voice online or you want to create one!**

Happy Boxing Day!

Han x