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  • Han Talbot

I quit a dream job for my dream job.

*This wasn't an overnight/spontaneous/drunk decision, I swear.

This time last year, I took up an in-house PR (working as part of a larger team and company) role and it has been quite a learning experience. Learning from some of the top experts in the industry, I’ve come away with a lot professionally that many could only wish to know or experience.

As I had hoped this time last year, I have worked on things and experienced things that only a few can. Worked with top consultants and journalists in the industry. Travelled to some incredible cities for work. Been to enviable events in Central London.

It’s tested me. It’s challenged me. It’s changed me. The role has given me the space to really get to know myself. And how I want to move forward.

For anyone looking for PR and Marketing experience, a job like this is a dream! Great work, great base, great salary.

But it isn’t my dream job.

That is, it was a perfect role for when I needed it. But it is no longer in line with where I see myself in the next couple of years. My dream is to continue to work in marketing and communications, however my dream job/s will let me work remotely. Where I want and when I want. In line with the person that I am.

Han Meets World is, after all, going into its third year this year and with that, I want to give it the space to expand. Which means leaving space to travel in the diary, which, I simply couldn’t quite fulfil with 21 days of annual leave in a year.

I love to work! But it’s time to work on my own terms. At the times that my brain is most awake and productive, both headphones in and wherever my laptop is. My dream job is to bring people’s ideas to life while on board a bus across the Chilean desert. In a bamboo hut from the rice fields of Bali or on a layover flight from Dubai to Australia.

So, what next?

As of this week I have just under three weeks left of my current role, two days of annual leave to take (hello Budapest!) and a draft post on transition tips to publish in a couple of weeks!

Until then, what leaps will you be taking in line with who you are this year?

Han x